We open to the aftermath of Owen’s death at his Aunt Diana’s birthday party. Bess is caught between her family, the Marvin’s and Lisbeth. Nancy is being interviewed by Lisbeth. Nick and George hang and wait. Nancy spills what happened with the iglaka and makes no sense to Lisbeth. The gang later get together over breakfast and decide to do another séance.

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They get all the stuff needed for the séance and Bess puts off going to the Marvin’s to help. Ryan shows up to offer his condolences and support. Nancy sends him away telling him he doesn’t get to claim her. During the séance, the iglaka appears. In the cleanup after the encounter, Bess has to go. Nick and George go with her for moral support. Ace stays with Nancy. They decide to look into the person to became the iglaka. As they talk to the lady at the historical society, they find out that the iglaka would have not taken one soul at a time. She would have taken all of them at once. Therefore Owen’s killer is probably human.

Lisbeth shows up with the police and a warrant. Bess and Lisbeth seem to be having a spat but are doing so very politely. George and Nick have been tense since the beginning of the episode and are still tense but continue to help at the Marvin wake. Bess is finding out just what it means to be a Marvin. She is not liking her family much at this point. While Bess, George and Nick are busy at the Marvin estate, Nancy and Ace check out Owen’s apartment and find a print.

Calling in the cops, Nancy asks Lisbeth to use her. Lisbeth decides to ask Ace for help. After Ace helps Lisbeth and she ducks out for a sec to handle some business, Nancy and Ace take off to find someone. They head to the new nursing home to talk to Patricia. Nancy wants to find Josh. She thinks he’s the killer.

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I find myself not much caring for the show at this point. They are taking so long on one plot line that I feel they are letting other potentially good things fizzle or finding fodder I don’t care about be a larger part of the filler. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…