1.The Mikaelsons

Honestly, this speaks for itself. The sibling trio: the hotheaded Klaus, the noble and modest Elijah and the proud Rebekah are probably some of the most believable siblings I’ve seen on screen. I love the concept of the Originals as a family. They have flaws, they quarrel, they are
dysfunctional and even though they are the oldest vampires in history they’re still not over powered and you can hurt them. They still have their humanity even though they’ve been alive for nigh on a millennia and I like that the actors have such wonderful on screen chemistry and I don’t think it would have worked with a different cast.

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2.The Setting

New Orleans is the perfect backdrop for a supernatural drama
like the Originals. It has everything – history, mythology and not to mention a
vibe which you can almost feel when you’re watching it. It’s like you’re right
in the middle of the city when you watch an episode and that there is proof of
excellent choice for setting. I don’t know about you, but I’m adding New Orleans
to my travelling bucketlist.

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3. The Arc.

One of my least favourite things in any TV show is watching
a story arc that just gets overly complicated over time and you eventually can’t
keep track of anything that’s going on. I love the Originals because even
though it is a spinoff you can watch it independently of the Vampire Diaries
and you can still understand the timeline which are made clearer by the
flashbacks especially as far as the Mikaelson’s family history is concerned. I
like the each character, even the side characters has their own arc to follow
and that it is not overshadowed by the three leads. And to top of it off all
individual arcs are really interesting and cleverly tied in with the overall

4.The Magic.

I’ll be honest, when it comes to supernatural elements and magic I can be a bit
picky with how it’s executed but the Originals do it well. The creators seem to
have done decent research on the magic that was practiced in Louisiana where
Voodoo is concerned and with the Witches’ magic it’s also very believable and
seems to have been research. The idea of ancestral witchcraft and magic has
been around for a very long time and the writers have honoured that in a good
way. My favourite thing as simple as it may be is the ring that allows the
vampires to walk in the sunlight. It’s a clever touch and makes more sense
rather than having most of the series set at night.

5.The Clothes.

Call my superficial but I love a show with good fashion. All
the originals are exceptionally well dressed and adds for good eye candy
(Elijah in his suits – hello!) and the flashbacks to the early 1900s makes me
want to invent a time machine simply for the sake of being able to wear the
clothes of the era.

So to summarize, The Originals is a cleverly written spinoff f the Vampire Diaries which I’d recommend to anyone even if you aren’t originally a TVD fan. The lines are witty, the characters are all believable and it’s a good fun show to watch and has me wondering what’ll happen next in
every episode. Everyone has their own agenda and I still haven’t been entirely able
to figure out who the actual villain of the tale is but then again I’m only towards
the end of Season 1. So my advice to you is you don’t have anything to do make
yourself a mug of tea and settle down with a couple of episodes (it’s all on Netflix).
You won’t be disappointed.