This episode of Constantine hadme in a lot of emotional turmoil and being so close to the season finale andwith an uncertainty of the show’s future, it’s certainly a way to leave us, the
fans, hanging. The episode starts with an unfamiliar young woman buying drugs
in a neighbourhood that can only be described as being too picturesque and
friendly. Just as she is about to take the drugs the girl is attacked by a
strange man. Back at the hideout, Manny pays John a visit timely enough to tell
him about the girl and to get an excuse to snoop around the hospital, Chas ‘volunteers’
to get hurt enough to say in a hospital bed long enough for them to work out
what is going on. The evil force responsible for the young woman’s death is
Eclipso and for those well versed in the comic book story arc, Eclipso is one
of DC’s many infamous villains. In this episode, Eclipso possessed one of the
doctor’s working at the hospital and kills people who wouldn’t give life a
second chance.  There were several key
things happening in this episode and whilst there was indeed a villain to stop,
that wasn’t actually the main arc for this episode.

Whilst at the hospital, Zed suddenly begins to have a seizure and collapses in
John’s arms. When she wakes up we find out that she has brain tumour and that
it’s quite possible the tumour is what’s responsible for her migraines and
visions. As a result of this an angry John summons Manny and to force him to
help him with the case as John deems Manny responsible for the state Zed is in,
John temporarily traps Manny in his human shape so he cannot return to heaven
until the spell wears off.

The fact that Manny is forced to
dealing with human emotions in the body he’s inhabited puts an interesting spin
to the episode because that means not only do we get to see more of him but
also, he’s out of his angelic and divine comfort zone and forced to see what
humans have to deal with on a daily basis. Emotions such as pleasure, jealousy,
guilt and others proves too much to him when Manny realises that John actually
really does need his help and that he literally has no choice until the spell
wears off. This also leads us to Manny finally meeting Zed and they have a good
heart to heart regarding everything that has been going on recently.



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“Oh, I forgot, angels, they can’t read sarcasm.”
“I can read it I just don’t have patience for


I liked this episode because we
finally realise there’s probably more to John and Zed’s relationship than just
friendship and this becomes evident when John begs Manny to save her because he
feels guilty that he lead him into this line of work. It becomes even more
emotional when at the end of the episode Zed reveals that she doesn’t plan on
removing the tumour mass on her brain much to John’s despair but he also knows
that there is no way he can make her change her mind and he realises that all
he can do is support her in this decision as they still need her to fight not
only the Rising Darkness but quite possibly the Resurrection Crusade if they
decide to make an appearance in the final episode.

I think for justice to made to
Constantine and to not just leave threads hanging a Season 2 is necessary to
pick things up at least where the Rising Darkness is concerned. There simply
isn’t enough time to reveal what’s going to happen nor solve the problems they
have to face. I don’t want the final episode to be one where the final battle
is stressed out and I fear that’s exactly what’s going to happen with
Constantine. There’s an uncertainty to how they’re going to end this season if
nobody really knows whether or not the show will get picked up by another
channel. Personally, I’d like to see Constantine move to SyFy as it was
rumoured because I think that might do it a lot of good as the show genuinely
does have a lot of potential and I can’t help but to wonder why the ratings
have not been as great as they should be in my opinion. And even if it doesn’t
move to SyFy there are plenty of other options as well such the possibility of
it being picked up by NetFlix as has happened to many shows before in the past.
I just don’t see the need for Constantine to end quite as abruptly and not just
yet either.

Overall my thoughts on this episode are positive. I like where it’s headed and
I think the season finale could be moment of a lot of difficult decisions as
well as probably a lot of emotions as well. I am definitely looking forward to
next week



“John taught me that magic has a cost, and that cost is pain.”