Source: TGON

I decided to suck it up and watch Season 3 of King of the Nerds. I am not a fan of this show, therefore you will be getting as much of an unbiased review as I can handle without spewing bile.



Let’s start with the cast list shall we(in order):

Ori, 22 – “Larper” – Amanda, 24 – “Bookworm” – Colby, 30 – “Jeopardy! Champ” – Jonathan, 28 – “Mathematician” – Jacob, 25 – “Quiz Master” – Kaitlin, 26 – “NASA Engineer” – Heather, 24 – “Neuroscientist” – Thomas, 21 – “Brony” – Raychelle, 27 – “Gamer” – Ben, 29 – “Marine Biologist” – Lily, 22 – “Professional Cos-Player” – Todd, 26 – “Comic Book Nerd”

The biggest reason I am not a fan of this show is because the people they cast are so one dimensional. Every member of TGON likes nerdy things but also sports, music, and none of us obsess over just one thing. Thankfully, the casting this season was done beautifully, most of the ladies are well rounded which is appreciated.

So far, Heather the Neuroscientist is my favorite cast member. She gets all things nerdy, but is also down to earth with an evil twist.

I am hopeful about this season and wish the best for all involved