Unfortunately, yes…we’ve hit the Midseason Finale of Supergirl, and things get intense. In the last episode (Not the crossover episode, before that.) we saw Sam discover her “true” calling as Reign, the World-Killer, so it’s only natural that she makes her debut appearance in the Midseason finale, right? Regardless, this episode killed any happiness I had inside of me, so let’s discuss it!

Now, I’m not going to lie – not a lot happened in terms of actual eventfulness in my opinion, so I’m going to give you a brief synopsis of the finale, and go over some key things I thought were either hilarious, odd, or just altogether unsavory. So in this episode, an ancient Kryptonian symbol starts cropping up in various places across National City, and no one seems to have knowledge as to what it means – not even Kara’s mom-shaped-database. That is…until she gets a call from her old buddy, Thomas the cultist.  He tells her of a prophecy spoken of before the creation of the book of Rao, and explains that the symbol is foretold in that very prophecy. According to what he knows of ancient Krypton, there are three signs of the end times: The mark of the beast will appear, the beast will kill multiple people, and then she will reveal herself as the World-Killer.


“The Mark of a dark god…A Devil.” – Thomas – Supergirl – The CW

Kara isn’t having any of that, and decides to call out the world-killer the only way she knows how. By carving her symbol of hope into the roof of Catco. Reign responds by appearing on that very roof. The two duke it out, and at one point have quite the hilarious fight-scene to cheerful Christmas music. Things get grim pretty quickly though, when Reign makes the Girl Of Steel bleed. She brings Kara to a roof-top, where she tells her that “Kara is no more a god than she is a devil,” before dropping Kara down to the streets. Too weak to even fly, Supergirl falls unconscious and hits the ground with a resounding impact. It breaks my heart that literally everyone in witnesses Kara’s downfall. Lena, James, and Alex…even Morgan Edge saw her lying there on the streets, while Mon-el, Winn, J’onn, and Imra resort to watching as Alex and her team try to save Supergirl’s life. One interesting detail I’d noticed in that ending fight scene was that Reign scorched the symbol from Kara’s chest – I liked how symbolic that was of Supergirl’s potential downfall. It really sort of rounded out the darkness you were supposed to feel in the episode.

The Fall

Possibly the end of Supergirl – Supergirl – The CW




Now, of course, there are other things that happen throughout the episode, such as Kara’s annual Christmas party. It’s interesting to note that she, Sam, and Lena all seem to be very close, to the point where they even go on small rants about how grateful they are for each other. We see a bit of J’onn’s nerdy side in this episode, when he reveals to Winn that Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back is by far the greatest sequel ever made. We also get to see a romance blossom between James and Lena during this episode, which rounds out with a fairly passionate kiss. With that in mind, I have to say…I’m not the biggest fan of that particular duo as a couple. I think they’d make great friends, but…I don’t really see the romantic chemistry behind it, but I suppose the heart wants what it wants, right?


Mechad Brooks and Katie Mcgrath – Supergirl – The CW

On another happy note, Vasquez is back! Die hard Supergirl fans will know that Susan Vasquez is the heart and backbone of the DEO, and it was wonderful to not only see her on screen, but to see her interact so much with the show, as well as have a great deal more lines than normal. I can only hope we see even more of her. Along the line of side-characters, Mon-El and Imra are pretty intent on fixing their ship so they can return to the 31st century, something that Kara is trying really hard to accept. Now, I’ve hit on key points on just about everyone in the episode, so it’s only right that I bring us to Alex. She doesn’t say much this episode, though she does have a couple of funny one-liners, and an endearing talk with Ruby about how well she knows and works with Supergirl, but there’s one line in particular that seems to resonate not only with me, but with Supergirl fans across the board. As Kara goes out to meet Reign, Alex admits that this thing scares her, and that while she’s been pushing for Kara to embrace the humanity she was raised with, now was the time to let all of that emotion go – give into the alien inside of her and don’t let humanity get in the way. It was an interesting route to take, but all-in-all, it was a fantastic episode.

be cold

“Be Cold. Be Kryptonian…Be Alien.” – Alex – Supergirl – The CW

So, to sum it all up, Sam is Reign, though she doesn’t fully realize it yet, Kara is possibly in a coma due to the injuries sustained, James and Lena are apparently now a thing, Winn and J’onn are on a mission to introduce J’onn’s dad to Star Wars, Alex is a hot mess, and Mon-El doesn’t seem to be leaving Imra’s side any time soon. For now, that’s all we’ve got, but Supergirl returns January 15, 2018 on The CW with an all new episode, called “Legion of Superheroes.” Does that mean Kara’s out of commission, so the gang has to group together to keep Reign back? Or will Kara heal pretty quickly and do a team-up to take down the big bad? I guess we’ll find out soon enough! See you all then!