Marcos’s Thoughts On “Fant4stic Trailer”


For a while we heard all the rumors of production problems of this film. And with no updates or real news on this reboot it was hard not to believe some of the rumors. I’m convinced why we got a trailer earlier than planned was to show us that this film has potential. After seeing the trailer it gave me faith this could be the next big thing for FOX studios. Now I have learn the hard way that just because a trailer looks good doesn’t mean the film will be good. This could still end up bad but for now I’m open minded about this film. It looks different from the other comic book based films and different is always welcomed in the world of science fiction.Im not a big FF fan so I cant say how close this is following the books but I did see a few things from their Ultimate’s book series. I think it s fresh take on a superhero film and looks promising and the last show did leave me hopeful


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