For the 12th episode of the third season, Scorpion decided to return to their season 1 antics, and maybe these geniuses will realize that these are the kinds of episodes viewers love. Season 3 has been a rollercoaster ride for Team Scorpion, that is, if the rollercoaster went barreling off the tracks and launched itself into space. The cases have become increasingly more outlandish, and the team drama has reached peak levels of ridiculous. But, in “Ice Ca-Cabes” Scorpion goes back to what it does best — small cases that put personal stakes on the geniuses’ success.

This episode starts with some tension between Walter and Paige, and rightly so because Walter effectively drove Paige’s boyfriend Tim out of Team Scorpion. Walter is under the impression that Tim’s decision to leave was not connected to Walter, to which Paige responds with a lot of pent up anger. They head off towards their case (a fairly simple one fixing a piece of machinery out in the desert), leaving Walter confused and upset.

Their mission quickly faces a huge hiccup when a piece of shrapnel flies into Cabe’s chest, threatening to kill him in minutes. The team must figure out how to keep him alive while they wait for an ambulance, and then come to a sudden and terrible realization — the only way to save him is to kill him.
Ok, so there’s some science behind this. They determine that they must drop Cabe’s body temperature and stop his heart so that they can stop the blood flow. Happy manages to build an ice batch, and her and Toby perform surgery with their bare hands. Sylvester is tasked with catching a rattlesnake so they can use the venom to thin Cabe’s blood so that it doesn’t clot and kill him. Walter and Paige need to collect sulfuric acid from a hot springs (I can’t remember why, but it’s for science). Before the procedure starts, the gang gathers to tell Cabe some final words, just in case their plan fails. Each offers their heartwarming goodbye, except for Walter who simply says “It was a pleasure working with you.”

This further outrages Paige, who is reaching the limits of her patience with the team, especially Walter. She yells at him, explaining that she thought she was making progress but for every step forward, he takes a hundred steps back. She says that she wanted to help him, but ultimately he might be a lost cause.
The two reach the hot springs, only to discover that it’s a nudist springs, and if they want to get in (which they have to), they would need to strip down. Paige does so with only a second’s thought, saying “If you want to save Cabe, take off your clothes.” The scene following is awkward to say the least, with Paige and Walter huddled behind their small piece of gas-collecting machinery, and Walter attempting to diffuse the tension with science-talk. It does not work.
Meanwhile Cabe’s body temperature has now dropped too low, so Happy and Toby remove him from the ice bath. Sylvester has managed to face his fears for Cabe and capture the snake, and Toby administers the snake bite. They determine his heart should have restarted by now, and they only will it will is with an electric shock. In a risky move, they put Cabe back in the bath and throw an electric fan into the water. It doesn’t immediately work, and Walter and Paige return to a still-dead Cabe. Walter explodes in a rush of emotion and determines that “No, Cabe! You will not die on me!” Walter performs CPR, managing to revive Cabe just as the ambulance helicopter arrives.
The episode ends with a touching scene in the hospital, in which Walter tells Cabe that he loves him, and it seems as if Walter is making some progress after all.

I definetely enjoyed this episode more than recent ones, and I hope that the showrunners realize how much better these types of episodes do. The team dynamic was great, and it was nice to see each team member overcome something in order to save Cabe. We got awesome scenes between Happy and Toby, and perhaps some much-needed scenes between Walter and Paige. The science behind the case was (more or less) easy to follow, and though I assumed Cabe would probably not die, the stakes still felt raised. I hope Scorpion stays on this path for the remainder of Season 3.
It’s tough to say exactly what’s in store for the second half of the season, but I’m excited to find out. Hopefully it ends in that Quintis wedding! And will Waige finally figure it out? We’ll have to wait and see.

Episode Grade: B+