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Jasmine talks about Supernatural 10×07 – Girls Girls Girls

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“We detoured eight hours so you could get laid?” 

Not even Dean Winchester can land a hookup on a dating app without getting caught in some sort of Supernatural turmoil and in Dean’s case this involves his least favourite supernatural creatures – witches. This episode starts with a prostitute running from a man that turns out to be a demon and then kills the prostitute. And it gets better – remember the redheaded woman a few episodes back we never found out the identity of? She appears again at a brothel and kills the demon in an instant and leaves with the two surviving prostitutes. Flashforward to the diner where Sam is making fun of Dean’s dating profile until his ‘date’ shows up and Dean leaves with his date, much to Sam’s jealousy. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems though, just as things start to heat up for Dean and his ladyfriend she starts talking about how she can offer him a deal and all he needs to do is sell his soul. Dean’s no fool and realises something isn’t what it seem to be and it doesn’t take long before him and Sam realises there are demons involved and that there is even a demon-run brothel in town.

There were so many things happening in this episode that were all really good. Whilst Sam and Dean are trying to find a way to stop the redheaded woman whom we find out is a Scottish accented witch going by the name of Rowena, Castiel and Hannah experience a bit of turmoil on their road-trip. Hannah’s vessel, a woman named Caroline expresses a desire for Hannah to leave her body and to my surprise, after a few unexpected turn of events this is exactly what happens and it hit me deep in the feels because it made Castiel think about his vessel, Jimmy. This season has been a bit up and down as far as personal story arcs are concerned but this episode changed that a little bit, everyone got a bit of their own focus and as a viewer it’s nice to see. Even though Sam and Dean are the main key lead characters what makes a show for me is when writers take the time to realise that each and every character is equally important to the plot and Supernatural does that incredibly well with all of its supporting characters.

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Flashforward to a scene were Rowena is having dinner with the two prostitutes she rescued from the brothel we find out a piece of interesting witch history we haven’t been told thus far in Supernatural. There have been plenty of witches Sam and Dean have come up against in the past ten years but we’ve never really known much about them apart from the fact that they used to be humans that sold their soul to gain power. In this episode we find out there’s a lot more to it and that makes everything more interesting. First of all, Rowena tells the girls that there is in fact a Grand Coven of witches in charge of how witches use their magic. Not only that but she also tells them that there are in fact three different kinds of witches in the world. First a kind called the Borrowers; they harness the power of a demon to be able to practice the magical art. The second kind are called the Naturals; they are those born with the gift. The third kind are called Students; those with no natural abilities of their own but with the right training with a coven approved mentor they have the potential to become great witches themselves. Rowena then tells the girls that she was cast out and banished from the coven because they thought her magic was far too extreme an forbade her to ever use it again.

What I specifically like about this episode is that this shows us that the supernatural world is far more complex than hunters probably think it. Supernatural creatures don’t just randomly exist for no reason but there is in fact some sort of rulebook to follow and that raises a whole of other questions but it makes you think of the bigger picture of it all. If there is a grand coven in charge of the witches, does that mean there is something bigger in charge of the grand coven and how does that play into the scheme of things?

As if this episode isn’t busy enough, that’s not the end of it. Remember in the first episode when Sam gets kidnapped by a man named Cole who claims Dean killed his father when he was just a kid and wouldn’t believe Sam when told him about supernatural creatures and evil existed? He’s back and hell bent on finding Dean, which he eventually does and this turns into a very tense standoff between Dean and Cole. Dean tells him about the night that his father was killed and tells him that the reason to why he had to kill is because he was some sort of supernatural creature and eventually managed to convince Cole to put down his gun after telling him that he has a choice and that Dean already knows where his story ends and that’s between the edge of a blade and the barrel of a gun (feels! So many!) but that it’s up to Cole whether or not that day will be now.

So what next? Well Rowena gets captured in the end and ends up in Crowley’s prison, much to his annoyance but that’s not the best part. When Crowley goes in to interrogate her he stops, stunned and doesn’t say a word for minutes. A side of Crowley we haven’t seen before because he’s always so sure of himself and incredibly cocky and arrogant but this time he looks almost scared and the words that came out of his mouth had me fangirling at the edge of my seat.

Source: Supernatural // CW Network


Overall I liked this episode and with all the things that has been happening through this season so far it has me thinking that perhaps this really will be the final season. It has that sort of “beginning of the end” feeling to it which makes me a bit sentimental and sad but I do believe there’s a lot of really good stuff still to come. I hope we get to see more of the Grand Coven of witches because it seems like Rowena might very well be the bad guy of the season which is an interesting change. I’m looking forward to more of her and Crowley’s backstory and what kind of relationship the two of them have. As always, we’ll have to tune into next week’s “Uncanny adventures of Moose and Squirrel.” to find out more.

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