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Last week Broad City was on hiatus
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The new season of Broad City seems to be showing different, more mature sides of Abbi and Ilana – sides that they perhaps didn’t see in themselves. In episode 2 we saw Abbi insist to Trey that she is a long-term relationship person. She continued the charade this week, but the truth is that Abbi is not a relationship person. We’ve seen time and time again that she envisions herself in relationships – with Jeremy, with Trey, with the hot paramedic – but none of those relationships have made it long term.

This week, Abbi tells anyone who’ll listen that she’s got a new boyfriend – her boss, Bevvers, strangers. Yet, when a stranger tells Abbi that she’s basically sleeping with a stranger, Abbi finally admits to herself that she’s not a relationship person, and breaks up with the hot paramedic after 6 days.

Meanwhile Ilana is flush with cash from her new waitressing job and wants to use it to buy happiness. But we all know that you can’t buy happiness! At a party that she found on Craigslist, Ilana has a new leotard, a new manicure and a new wig, but when she runs into Lincoln (her old friend with benefits) she realizes she’s not over him, and all the money in the world isn’t helping her move on.

In the end, Abbi admits to herself that she’s not a relationship person, but needs to work on herself instead (good idea!), while Ilana realizes that all the tips in the world aren’t going to buy her happiness.

Favorite quote/gag: Ilana’s song White Guilt.

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