Photo Source: The CW // Jane The Virgin

It was a battle between Fun Jane, Mom Jane…and a lil bit of Douche Jane last week on Jane The Virgin.

Fun Jane: Totally having a great time in her new relationship with Adam. Playing beer pong, ready for sex with him, aaand breaking her leg while playing roof ball. Fun Jane also couldnt decide if she wanted Adam to stay in Miami or take his SFX job in L.A.

Mom Jane: Insecure about her new relationship with Adam. Enjoying their time together but not really sure of how sustainable a relationship would be. How can she even introduce this guy to Mateo?? Also mad at fun Jane for breaking her leg and missing that Our Lady of Mercy admissions appointment.

Douche Jane: In no way related to Fun or Mom Janes. Also known as “high horse” Jane. This is the Jane that presents herself to Rafael. Judges his every move…most likely blinded by her conflicting feelings for him. Takes advantage of everything he’s done for her.  This Jane seemed to disappear by the end of the episode. Let’s hope she’s actually gone for good.

All of these sides of Jane shaped her every move last week as she dealt with changes in her relationship with Adam, and money and Mateo problems with Rafael. Like everyone, Jane came to realize that she can be a healthy mix of Fun and Mom.

Xo, Ro, and Darci

XoRo worked the entire episode to prove to Darci that they care for her and the coming baby. She was resistant until Xiomara let her have it and Rogelio showed her the new onset nursery. While onset, Rogelio also fought to save his telenovela role as Fabian was killed off and his arch rival Esteban was brought in! Now, predictably, Esteban and Darci are falling for each other. What a pair they’ll be.

Finally, Petra and Rafael’s mature communicative relationship failed just as quickly as it started. These two just won’t work. They’re good business partners…sort of? And co-parents…But that’s about it. They’re both currently doing questionable things to buy back the Marbella. Zen Rafael has left the building (hopefully not for good)! Anezka has brought back Magda, though. We all know nothing good can come from that.

also….don’t forget…one of these (Rafael, Petra, Anezka, Magda, or Luisa) people will die!

Any guesses?? My money’s on Luisa or Magda.