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America: The Motion Picture; More Like America: The Bad Fanfiction

This past week, America: the Motion Picture premiered on Netflix, just in time for the Fourth of July weekend. However, instead of being the second coming of Team America: World Police, what we got was, essentially, an attempt to fuse the artistic style of Archer with pop culture references on the level of Ready Player One and Robot Chicken together. The end result is less of a satirical retelling of America’s founding and more a teenager’s fanfic that they wrote for their history class the night before it was due. It’s not even the good, high-quality fanfiction, either.

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Ready Player One

Overall though, the movie was really good. Wade is goofy and shy but persistent enough to be cool. He’s got really good friends Aech, Sho and Daito. They stick by his side through the coming battle.

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SDCC – Saturday preview

So what’s coming up on the third day of SDCC? The fairytale cast of Once Upon a Time will be talking about what’s in store for the current season, plus introducing some new faces. Look forward to season previews and cast...

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