“What are your favorite books?” is a question that many book lovers get asked. It’s the same for gamers, who love to discuss games and what they can’t wait to play next. It’s no secret that books are a great way to unwind after a long day of work aside from playing in Kasinohai.com, but did you know that there are tons of books out there for gamers? From stories about the history behind video game characters to new ways to play with your friends and family, some all-time favorite books for gamers are here. 

Ready Player One 

Ready Player One is a dystopian novel that follows the story of teenager Wade Watts, who spends most of his time playing an online game called OASIS. When its creator passes away and leaves behind a clue for finding his fortune in the form of an Easter Egg inside OASIS, gamers from around the world set out to find it. This book is full of references to ’80s pop culture (Pac-Man cereal, anyone?), so you might want to brush up on your gaming knowledge before reading.

Kingdom Come 

Based on the classic video game series “Mortal Kombat,” this novel follows a new character named Xander, who is caught up in an interdimensional war between Raiden (the god of thunder) and Shao Khan. It’s all about honor, redemption, and saving Earthrealm from Shao Khan’s evil plan to destroy it. This novel is for gamers who want a fresh take on the game and anyone interested in more stories about this iconic video game series.

The Name of the Wind

This book follows Kvothe, an orphaned boy who grows up to be one of his world’s most notorious wizards and musicians. This book is a great read for gamers who want to dive into another fantasy universe, but it’s got plenty of action and adventure too. It might seem like your typical quest novel at first glance, but there are some interesting twists along the way that make this one stand out from other books in the genre!

Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America

Nintendo has become one of the biggest video game companies in history since creating their first home console back in 1985. “Super Mario,” tells readers how this became possible with chapters devoted to the main characters and games that made Nintendo so popular. From Mario to Link, Metroid to Donkey Kong – you’ll learn about all your favorite Nintendo games in this book!

Console Wars

Things can get pretty intense when it comes down to two massive video game companies competing for dominance of the industry (and gamers’ hearts). This nonfiction novel takes readers back through what happened between 1990 and 1996 when these two titans went head-to-head with their consoles: Sega’s Genesis console vs. Nintendo’s SNES console. 

Level Up: The Guide to Great Video Game Design

Do you have a great idea for the next video game sensation? This book includes everything from how-tos of developing characters and plotlines, creating environments, testing games before launch date – even suggestions on what can go wrong in your design. This guide includes helpful tips for new designers. Still, it also provides interviews with some of the industry’s biggest names, including Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Zelda) and Will Wright (creator of SimCity).

Game World Heroes

“Game World Heroes” takes readers on a trip through video game history, starting with the first home console released by Nintendo back in 1985. This book highlights characters that have become household names (Mario! Sonic!), what inspired their creation, and how it changed them throughout time. Did you know Mario was originally named Jumpman? And Sonic was designed to compete with Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. character? This book is filled with fun trivia for gamers to enjoy.

Super Mario Encyclopedia

Do you have a favorite Super Mario Bros. character? Just want to learn more about the games themselves? Look no further than this full-color encyclopedic guide that celebrates 30 years of everything Super Mario, including enemies, items, powerups, and much more. 

The Art of Video Games 

From Atari 2600 games like “Asteroids” and “Space Invaders” in the 1970s through modern-day hits such as Halo and Uncharted, this book takes readers on a visual journey through the history of video games. The artwork comprises 16 chapters: each devoted to one genre, from arcade action/adventure to sports simulations. Paired with detailed information about how these pieces came together, you’ll quickly understand why players get so obsessed with their favorite characters!

Final Thoughts

There are many books out there about video games, their characters, and the history of how they came to be. If you’re looking for more knowledge on your favorite pastime or want a cool coffee table book to have out at home – definitely check these titles out!