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7 Furry Art Picks: Amazing Paints Edition (2nd Week August 2021)

We’ve got galatics animals, cursed monsters, swash buckling captains, space marine dragons and more on this week’s list of furry fandom art!

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The Artistry of Mr. Benja, the 8-Bit Cubist

Benjamin Johnson is Mr. Benja, the 8-Bit Cubist, a game developer, a public speaker and media creator. What hasn’t this guy done? Let’s interview him.

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“The Street Arcade” is still Teaching the Youth about Social Issues

The Street Arcade was a project that began in the summer of 2015 by Steven Ciampaglia, a professor at Northern Illinois University, and Kerry Richardson, a professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in collaboration with Plug-In Studio and 13 teen artists. This project slammed together science and art to create 8-bit style games that teach players about social issues including but not limited to white privilege, racial profiling, and peer pressure.

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7 Furry Art Picks: Splashin’ Waves Edition (3rd Week April 2020)

We’ve got splashing waves, a couple tricksters, and fun times on this week’s top furry art! Come check out some new favs!

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#VisibleWomen March 2020 Highlights

Here are some of my favorites from #VisibleWomen illustrators and more this month.

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February 2020’s #DrawingWhileBlack Highlights

Here are some of my favorites from this past February’s #DrawingWhileBlack hashtag!

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