Here’s the shift the world didn’t expect: being a nerd is in. The world used to laugh at how some people are highly passionate about video games, comic books, superheroes, and fantasy. However, nowadays, with the rise of Marvel, DC, new video games, and anime, more people see the reasons that they are so intriguing.  

The truth is, everyone is a nerd deep inside. There has to be something that interests you so profoundly that you can’t hold back your excitement when the subject comes up. In essence, that’s what ‘nerding out’ is. But the way each person nurtures their inner nerd is different, as some are more open and honest about it. On the other hand, others are more secretive about it and treat their nerdy interests as a guilty pleasure. 

Whether you downplay or speak out about your nerdiness, there are different ways you can cultivate your inner nerdiness. With the wide variety of topics and fanbases covered by the ‘nerdom,’ there can be countless ways to do this. 

In this list, there are several ways you can do and things that you can invest in to treat yourself. Hopefully, there’s something here for every nerdy interest for everyone. Make sure to check all of these out because there might be something for you or a lovable nerd in your life.  

  1. Roblox Gift Cards 

When it comes to online gaming, Roblox has made it huge! And it has been trendy among kids who’ve been exploring their inner nerd. When you go on YouTube, you’ll see just how many gamers have used Roblox as their channel’s primary content. And it’s entirely understandable considering how interested young people are in it. In fact, this game has won several awards, such as the BAFTA Games Award for EE Mobile Game of the Year and Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Video Games.  

If you love Roblox or know somebody who loves it, then a Roblox gift card is a no-brainer. The great thing about these gift cards is they can be used to top up your Robux credit. And when you have Robux, you can decide how to use it on your own, inside the game.  

  1. Collectible Star Wars LEGO Sets 

There’s no doubt that Star Wars is one of the biggest fandoms in the world when it comes to nerdiness. Just see how quick Star Wars fans are to conquer the theaters with every new release, regardless of your opinions about the movies.  

If you don’t already know, Star Wars has worked with all kinds of brands and produced so many types of merchandise. Some of the products that have been made are Star Wars LEGO sets, and the great thing about it is they’re fun to work on. You can spend days on end trying to figure out and built different Star Wars models and sets.  

Additionally, there are different price points as well as collectability. Some are more deluxe LEGO sets perfect for huge collectors, and some are more appropriate for children.  

  1. Funko Pops 

Most of the time, when people think of nerds, they imagine people who have shelves upon shelves of unopened Funko Pops. And quite frankly, yes, that’s precisely what many nerds are proud to show off. These adorable little figurines have covered so many fanbases, including Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, Marvel, DC, Steven Universe, and even Golden Girls! There’s something for everyone, and they’re pretty affordable, so it’s easy to build a collection that can truly reflect who you are.   

  1. Lord of the Rings Trinkets 

If you’re a Tolkien nerd or a massive fan of the Peter Jackson film adaptation, then getting trinkets related to Middle Earth would be fantastic. Getting a replica of the One Ring would be the best choice if you don’t already have one. You can re-enact scenes and pretend like you’re Smeagol or Gollum, hissing in the Misty Mountains.  

But if you’re a huge fan, you probably already have the One Ring in your collection. But wouldn’t it be awesome to have all of the rings of power? Now there are 19 in total, but only some of them were shown in the movie. Regardless, it would still be cool to have even Nenya in your collection. If the rings of power don’t tempt you, you might want to check out an elven brooch, Aragorn’s ring, or Evenstar. 

  1. Comic Books 

Nerdiness centers around one important thing: a fantastic story. Massive fandoms like Star Wars wouldn’t have gotten so big if not for how Episode IV A New Hope pulled so many people back in the late 70s. And the same goes for many other fandoms, new or old. 

So, what better way to embrace your nerdiness than by devouring comic books? You might be surprised by all the new lore and stories you might have missed if you exclusively watch movies. And before you know it, you’ll have a growing library of your favorite comic books, no matter what genre you prefer.  

  1. Superhero Posters 

High fantasy and Sci-fi aren’t just about elves or laser blasters. A huge chunk of the nerd world are superheroes, and it’s something many have grown up with. A lot of nerds fantasize about becoming a superhero. The extraordinary powers, fantastic backstory, cool costumes, and well-written villains can get anyone excited.  

With so many superheroes in movies, cartoons, and comic books, you probably have a few favorites of your own. So, to show who your favorite superheroes are, get excellent and high-quality posters to hang in your home. And don’t just tape them up on your wall. Make sure to frame them and treat them like the actual works of art that they are.  

  1. Get an Artist Commission  

Probably the biggest fantasy all nerds have is to be a character in their favorite fandom. So why not make it happen by commissioning an artist to draw you as one of the characters? Today, there are so many amazing artists, and you can choose the artist whose style you like the best. Whatever medium like, whether it’s digital, graphite, or watercolor, there’s an artist out there for you. They can turn you into a Jedi, a Sith Lord, a superhero, a crystal gem, a hobbit, an elf, or whatever you like.   


Nerdiness is in, and you won’t believe how easy it is to look for something new in your fandom. There are probably too many things to nerd about with your friends, family, or just on your own. The best thing to remember is that whatever you’re passionate about, you don’t have to rely on others’ approval to like what you like. In the end, there are probably millions of like-minded people in the world who love it just as much as you do.