If one were to ask my D&D group how well I complete puzzles, they would unanimously agree that I am terrible at them. I overthink everything, and I am sure the DM Googles puzzles for children. That makes things even more embarrassing. However, I love a good puzzle in a video game. The famed Water Temple in Ocarina of Time? I adored it. The entirety of Good Job!? I had a blast. For some time, I was even obsessed with Minesweeper. Puzzles in video games are fabulous, so when I saw Epiphany City on Reddit, I knew I had to share it with TGON.

  • Epiphany City
  • Epiphany City

The Story

Epiphany City begins after Lilly gets dropped off at the museum by her friend Rose. Lily is a girl who has gone through a traumatic event recently and hopes to get advice from a superhero at his meet-and-great. Unfortunately, this guy is Suberb Man and is a bit of a jerk; think kid-friendly HomeLander. As Lily makes her way through the museum, a mysterious entity runs amuck, creating obstacles in her path. Lily must use the art around her to get through these areas to make it to Suburb Man.

Unfortunately, Lily does not get to chat with Suberb Man during the meet-and-great. This causes tension between Lily and Rose, illuding to whatever tragic event occurred. But this is where things get wild. A painting disappears, and Lilly tumbles into a beautiful temple. It is filled with vibrant flowers, running water, and a prophetic scroll. This parchment says whoever reads this will become a superhero! If they meet the requirements. Those being a master’s degree, three to five years of experience, and the ability to bench press over 300 pounds.

Our girl Lily is none of those things but doctors the scroll to fit her needs. Suburb Man finds out about this, and he gets ticked, but Prophet Dahlia, the keeper of the scroll, seems pleased as punch. Will Lily save the world from the horrors outlined in the prophecy? Will Suburb Man mellow out? I do not know, but I am excited to find out!


When I began playing the Epiphany City Prologue, I immediately fell in love with the voice acting. It reminded me of all my pals back in Animal Crossing. The graphics were the next element to catch my attention. Everything is hand drawn, vibrant, and mesmerizing to look at. Side note, I am not a fan of birds. However, standing in front of the museum, the Rock Dove noise in the game was so spot on, I looked outside. Overall, it is a delight to be given entry into this world.

I will admit that the ghostly figure shown in the museum broke immersion for me, but only for a moment. It reminded me of the ghost in Courage the Cowardly Dog Creep TV. This is not a criticism by any means, but it brought on a wave of nostalgia I was unprepared for. I also appreciate that the comedy thrown into this game is not overdone. Ultimately, the game is the perfect mix of beauty and humor. I am a thousand percent excited to see where this story takes me.

Odds and Ends

The Epiphany City Prologue and the full game are available on Steam. While it is currently only available on PC, the devs hope to bring it to IOS and the Switch. Additionally, if you are looking for a two-player puzzle game, I recommend Good Job!.