Author: Kelsie Marice

Creepy Podcasts: Where To Begin

If you’re new to the podcast world and want to know where to begin when it comes to horror podcasts, read on friends!

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Prepare Thy Feels: We Have a Trailer For Disney’s Christopher Robin

We finally have a trailer for Disney’s Christopher Robin! It will hit you with the nostalgia and make you grin wildly.

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There’s a New Generation of Mutants, and They’re Spooky.

Could this be the X-Men’s franchise’s first horror film? Let’s discuss the trailer for The New Mutants.

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Rise Up! Pacific Rim Uprising is a Month Away!

The long awaited sequel to the science fiction hit Pacific Rim arrives in just over a month. Check out what we know about the film.

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Love Isn’t Dead: Three TV Couples to Prove It

There are three favorite couples from our favorite television shows to prove that love isn’t dead.

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