With Valentine’s Day fast approaching – some of us may be wondering, does true love exist? Here are some couples from our favorite geeky shows to prove that love is alive and well.

The first couple I would like to discuss is Hoban Washbourne and Zoë Washbourne. We’re throwing it back to a little show called Firefly that, tragically, ended after only one season. During that season, though, fans are introduced to Hoban, the pilot of the ship, and his sharpshooting, tough as nails wife, Zoë. This pairing is one of those “opposites attract” relationship. Hoban, referred to as “Wash” throughout the show, comes off as the geeky one in the crew. He has dinosaurs on his console and often avoids the fighting. Zoë, on the other hand, is the first mate of Captain Mal and his second-in-command. The two share a few intimate and sweet moments throughout the show, proving to fans that love can be found, even on a smuggling ship deep in space.


Image Source: Legion of Leia

The next couple that proves that love is still kicking is Angela Montenegro and Jack Hodgins from Bones. I know that Bones is a procedural crime drama, but, hear me out on this, there are a lot of nerdy things on this show. The show does center around forensic anthropology, so it is very science-based. Is there anything truly nerdier than science? Unlike with Wash and Zoë, fans are able to watch the romance develop between these two characters. Again, we have a couple characters who are more different than they are alike, but they manage to make things work. We get to see a romance blossom between these two, see their marriage, their struggles. There truly a great couple who manage to create something beautiful among all the death and murder.

Angela and Hodgins

Image Source: Fox

My final, and favorite couple, may come as no surprise to the nerdy crowd. Amy Pond and Rory Williams of Doctor Who. Is there another couple that inspires such feelings of love and devotion? When viewers are first introduced to this couple, their relationship is a bit wibbly-wobbly. Throughout the show, their love is tested. Rory is always up for the challenge. Who else guarded their wife 2000 years? There are times where Amy’s love is questioned, does she truly love the Doctor? But end the end, she chooses her life with Rory over a life with the Doctor in one of the most heart-wrenching episodes of television I have ever watched.

Amy and Rory

Image Source: Dreamwidth Studios

These are just a few personal favorite couples from television. Hopefully, if you’re struggling this Valentine’s Day, you’re able to find love in your favorite television couple.