We recently reported what we knew on Disney’s Christopher Robin, but there had not been any trailers dropped just yet. We have gotten the first teaser trailer for this August release, and boy does it punch you right in the feels.

The ever-dashing Ewan McGregor plays an adult Christopher Ronin, a man who seems to be struggling to juggle his work and his family. In the trailer, we see him being asked to work over a weekend that he had originally planned a family getaway. As he is pondering his circumstances, a long-lost friend emerges, none other than Pooh Bear himself.

Pooh Bear

Image Source: IMDB

Pooh is being voiced by Jim Cummings, perhaps one of the most well-known voice actors. When Pooh says Christopher’s name, I thought that my heart might burst in my chest from nostalgia. As someone who grew up watching Winnie the Pooh, I have a feeling that this movie will have me in tears before the first half hour.

How did Pooh and Christopher Robin become separated? Where are the rest of his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood? These and many more questions will hopefully be answered on August 3rd when the movie releases.