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Young Sheldon Review 01×20

As Sheldon narrates, he functions on predictability.  For example, Earth’s gravitational pull or his brother peeing in the shower. What aren’t predictable? Dogs

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Young Sheldon 01×19 Review

Yes! I have been waiting for an episode like this! Well, kind of. Why on earth is Sheldon in the ninth grade? He clearly should be at least on his way to graduating high school by now and yet he’s stuck as a high school freshman. 

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Young Sheldon 01×18 Review

It seems like the writers of Young Sheldon are going for a more emotional theme to keep everyone wanting more. 

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Young Sheldon 01×17 Review

A show about a ridiculously smart, young boy who attends high school? What else would you expect other than those high school kids wanting to bully and make fun of the young boy? In this weeks episode that surrounds bullying though…that’s not exactly what happens

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Young Sheldon 01×16 Review

Sheldon announces that the school system is broken because the students aren’t valued for their hard work, only the glitz, and glam (his asteroid project lost to a girl’s static hair project)

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