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Young Sheldon 01×07 Review

We are introduced to the Texan holy grail, smoked brisket. Or more specifically, George Cooper’s holy grail, Meemaw’s brisket recipe.

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Young Sheldon 01×06 Review

Dr. Hodges thinks this is an adorable question coming from a nine-year-old and lets Sheldon know that the math is quite complicated. In glorious Sheldon fashion, he offers to help out the NASA representative with the difficult questions but he is not taken seriously. 

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Young Sheldon 01×15 Review

We’re introduced to a new character in this episode, but like most sitcoms, very few characters are actually reoccurring. Let’s see if this one makes the cut.

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Young Sheldon 01×14 Review

Welcome back to Young Sheldon! I’ll be working on the episodes as they’re released, now that the Olympics have finished up. 

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Young Sheldon 1×05 Review

So, if I understood how the Eagles beat the Patriots, I think I can give a fair review of Young Sheldon’s football-themed episode 5.

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