If you are here that means you are here for the sass. In typical Fear the Walking Dead fashion they left you wanting more, much more. I have never seen a series that utilizes more side quest episodes in the final season than this series. In addition to another side quest episode this is another, details matters, unless it’s Fear the Walking Dead.

How did he get there? Was he walking, did he find a working vehicle? Did he have any trouble along the way? None of that matters, he is just at home being a bum. Somehow some stranger turns up at his house, needing help, this just seems crazy as Dwight’s house looks out of the way of a normal path unless he was staying there. The guy convinces Dwight to help him, get his supplies back from the Sanctuary.

Austin Amelio as Dwight – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 9 – Photo Credit: Seth F. Johnson/AMC

Which brings us to people at the Sanctuary, how long have they been there, who are they? Does the main group from Alexandria know that a new group has occupied the Sanctuary? Chalk those all up to what we don’t know because the details don’t seem to matter. Dwight gets back into Sanctuary, finds the medicine he was looking for and is caught by someone, but he throws him into the fire but he is shot during his escape.

Back at Dwight’s house, he is late with the insulin and the random dies. Sherry, June and Dove show up to get Dwight because they need him to fight and save PADRE. They need some supplies which they think they will find at Sanctuary, Dove leaves in the morning to get into the Sanctuary but she ends up shot and she is followed back to Dwight’s house. They had a short interaction with this mystery group who doesn’t seem to have any vehicles, so they get in the truck and head back to Sanctuary amid a walker distraction.

Silliness inside, June has to try to save Dove, but the place is not stable with walkers coming, June and Dwight try to one up each other to fight all the walkers, then the other group arrives, also complicating matters. As the place starts to crumble, and walkers and bad guys approaching Dwight tells everyone to get into the furnace as it is protected from following debris and they can do the work to save Dove. It is successful as they survive the outside carnage and are able to save Dove, Dwight decides he will rejoin the group to fight.

Jayla Walton as Dove – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 9 – Photo Credit: Seth F. Johnson/AMC

This brings more question marks, how far is Dwight’s house from the Sanctuary? I think that the Sanctuary is around 20 minutes drive from Alexandria. Why in the world didn’t Dwight or Sherry go to Alexandria to ask for help, be that supplies or more people? I know that when Dwight left Daryl told him to not show his face again or he would kill him and to make things right and find his wife. Well he did find his wife, he has made things right, and I know that Dwight couldn’t know that Daryl has changed(or not even there based on timelines) but Dwight knows he has changed, and perhaps time and Daryl has changed too. Or he could have sent Sherry and June to try to get help. It’s so aggravating that they would have Dwight go back to Sanctuary but not try to even acknowledge the main group or how they can help. LAZY WRITING!