In this week’s episode, J’onn has anger issues, Supergirl can’t handle the suit (see what I did there, suit instead of truth?) and DEO agents are turning against their command.

Manchester Black has a dashing accent and beautiful body. He’s also a badass fiance to Fiona.

Lena Luthor teaches Brainy the concept of boxes. Sorry man, they’re not wooden, they’re a way to help compartmentalize while Lena and Brainy are tasked with the eliminating Kryptonite from further perforating the atmosphere.

It’s endearing that Brainy caught feelings in this episode. His character is likable like Winn was, and seeing Brainy on screen makes me miss Winn’s character more.

Alex Danvers has much heavier responsibilities as Director of the DEO. She gets a stiff tongue lashing from the President after fighting against cloned aliens that Mercy and her brother inflicted upon a nearby police precinct.

J’onn proves helpful using his psychic powers to discover the location of Fiona and the rest. Of course, the Graves’ siblings and Agent Liberty escape, and Fiona unfortunately dies at the end of the episode. But I hope we get more screen time with Marshall and J’onn. They have a cool relationship thus far.

The heros win in the end in the sense that the nanobots have done their job sifting away the Kryptonite. But Col. Haley takes over the DEO per the President’s instructions and Alex will surely have quite a headache on her hands in the coming episodes.

But the Graves siblings are done with, as Hellgramite disposes of them once the parasite controlling his mind was eliminated. Good riddance.


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Things I still want to know:

Who is Marshall Black? What will he do with all those weapons he purchased following Fiona’s downfall?

Does Nia feeling as though something bad will happen envisage her future as a superhero?

How many other kind gestures will Lena perform for her girlfriend? She’s already bought CatCo and developed a suit that leeches Kryptonite from Kara’s body. I want to see more. Or at least witness Kara flying her babe around.

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