It has been a while since my spouse and I could attend a convention. Between scheduling conflicts and the pandemic, there never seemed to be enough time. However, we decided last minute, the Thursday before the event, no less, to trek down to Tucson, Arizona. We donned our warmest cosplays because we were gluttons for punishment and had a wonderful weekend full of D&D, video games, and nerdom at the Tucson Comic-Con.

Tucson Comic-Con
Source: Tucson Comic-Con‘s website

Tucson Comic-Con Highlights

We had previously gone to the Mesa Convention Center, which is large in its own right. However, the  Tucson Convention Center is a whole different beast. This place was massive, with multiple floors, tons of panel space, and even an outdoor eating area. Many more people were there than I had envisioned, but there was still space to breathe and move around. Overall, the flow of the con made sense, and I appreciated the large open areas I could hide in to take a breather. The individuals in charge of setting up the space did a fantastic job.


I am not keen on meeting guests; I get shy around individuals I admire. However, people could meet celebrities, authors, artists, and comic guests. You may have seen the following guests if you walked around the con.

  • Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (Dark Angel)
  • Ryan Ochoa (iCarly)
  • Chandler Riggs (The Walking Dead)
  • Tim Champion (Artist)
  • Val Hochberg (Comic Artist)
  • Yolanda “YoYo” Ruiz (Artist)
  • Luke Gygax (Author)
  • Henry Barajas (Author)
  • And so many more!

There were also fan groups speaking at panels and chatting with patrons. Some of these groups included Justice League Arizona, Az Droid Builders, Bleed’N Heart Cove, and Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club.

For the complete list of guests, one can look here.


Panels are my bread and butter; I enjoy listening to people share what they are passionate about. There were so many panels I had to plan our time around them meticulously. There was something there for everyone. We laughed with the improv group Comic Chaos, marveled at the TTRPG designs of Tom Babbey and Jason Pedersen, and learned how to become a Fallout Wastelander. Do not even get me started on the cosplay contest; so many talented individuals brought their A-game. Ultimately, I think I learned more this weekend about being a nerd than I have in a while.

Artist Alley

When it came to emptying our coin pouch, we found it easy. There were dozens of vendors looking to share their wares. There was always something to look at in this space, from comic books and fan art to dice and TTRPGs. As someone who loves D&D, I found walking through the gaming space difficult without staring at everything. Thanks to this convention, my players will be happy to learn about the unique monsters that await them in future campaigns. For the complete list of vendors, check out this link.


In conclusion, the Tucson Comic-Con was a smashing success in my eyes. We met a fantastic LARP group, conversed with talented makers, and watched passionate people speak at panels. While getting to and from Tucson took a while, I think we must make it an annual trip. We should be fine as long as I remember that I do not need to wear a cloak in 100-plus-degree weather. If you want a con to smash your expectations, look no further than the Tucson Comic-Con. Additionally, if you want something smaller, I suggest keeping your eyes on the Gathering of the Ghouls.