With the Fall season and Halloween right around the corner, many gamers begin their search for the perfect “spooky season” title to get into. Perhaps it’s an old favorite, but if you’re looking for something new, Remedy Entertainment has you covered. 

Alan Wake 2 is set to release October 27th, making the highly anticipated survival horror game a must-play this Halloween. 

Let’s take a look at the original, as well as the showcase and excitement surrounding Alan Wake 2 from Gamescom 2023.

The Original Alan Wake

The original, released in 2012 and remastered in 2021, has aged incredibly well. It was Time Magazine’s Game of the Year and won the IGN Editor’s Choice Award. While Alan Wake 2 is created as a standalone for newcomers, returning fans will certainly discover connections between the two.

With its tense combat and psychological thriller atmosphere, Alan Wake is a classic that should be in any spooky season rotation. 

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A brief synopsis

Alan’s wife disappears on their vacation in Bright Falls. During his search, he comes across pages of a thriller novel he has written. Only one problem: he has no recollection of writing it. Meanwhile, a dark presence consumes the small town. Wake must wrestle with his sanity to unravel the mystery and save his wife, wherever she is.

With its unique play style like that of a TV series, Alan Wake is full of rich storytelling and heart-racing action. It blends live-action scenes into the gameplay, a typical feature of Remedy Entertainment. Players must master the flashlight combat mechanic to defeat the darkness running rampant in Bright Falls.

While he ultimately frees his wife, Alan traps himself in the darkness of Bright Falls. Alan Wake 2 begins after being stuck in his nightmare for 13 years.


Alan Wake 2

No doubt the most exciting aspect will be the usual Remedy gameplay style. However, it seems like it will be ramped up considerably. This is especially apparent being labeled as Remedy’s first survival horror title. Sam Lake, Creative Director and Lead Writer, explains it beautifully in a post on the official website:

“We wanted to make this game brutal and harrowing, but not only that: this is an Alan Wake experience, so there are different sides to it. Darkness equals horror, but there are daytime scenes, quirky characters, plenty of humor, and a deep mystery to explore. With this, we feel, when it gets scary, it will stay fresh throughout the whole game, and you won’t get a chance to get used to it or become numb to it.”


A unique feature that differs from previous Remedy titles are the multi-directional stories. In Alan Wake 2, you will follow two hero characters: 

  1. Alan – caught in his nightmare, desperate to get out. 
  2. Saga Anderson – an FBI Profiler, new to Alan Wake’s world of darkness.

The blend of these two completely different, yet very much connected characters, gives way to deep mysteries and new surprises. It is sure to please returning fans and newcomers alike.

Gamescom 2023 Showcase

The trailer for Alan Wake 2 at Gamescom provided a glimpse into the Dark Place, and how fractured Alan Wake’s mind truly is. It also showcased 10 minutes of exclusive gameplay, clearly highlighting Remedy’s Northlight Engine. The graphics, combat, features, and live-action cutscenes all contribute to an immersive experience, while toeing the line of reality in Alan’s nightmare.

If you haven’t yet, you should check out both the trailer and gameplay showcase. For the gameplay, check out minute mark 7:50 and watch for about 40-45 seconds. 

Alan Wake 2 has been in the works for quite some time. Sam Lake touches on this as well on the official website:

“We always planned to create a sequel and continue Alan Wake’s story. We have created a new concept for a sequel between every other game project. Looking back, I’m happy none of the earlier concepts ended up going forward, as the one we are making now is by far the most exciting one. This time everything clicked into place, Control establishing a connected Remedy universe where both Control and Alan Wake exist, Control’s AWE expansion setting things up for Alan Wake 2, and Alan Wake Remastered finally bringing Alan Wake to all the major gaming platforms.”


It’s clear from Sam’s excitement and anticipation to show the trailer at Gamescom that this is a project he and Remedy are proud of.


Overall Thoughts

There has been more gameplay and behind-the-scenes released since the Gamescom showcase. Every piece of content that I see makes the release more exciting.  

Remedy is coming off some great success with Control, another incredible title. Alan Wake 2 has a similar feel, and if you played Control, you know Alan makes a brief appearance during Jesse Faden’s development as FBC’s new Director. While it’s a brief piece of the story, it goes to show how Remedy is working different narratives within the same universe. 

All this to say, there’s no doubt it will be another award winning Remedy title. With its release on October 27th, I can’t wait to play ALAN WAKE 2: the must-play survival horror game this Halloween.

Happy gaming nerds!

You can download/purchase Alan Wake 2 on the official website or in the Epic Games store.

–ALAN WAKE 2: THE survival horror game to play this Halloween–