The cast of Supernatural met in Hall H on Sunday. Check out the top moments below! (Warning: Contains slight spoilers for season 13!)

#1 This sizzle reel was released.

#2 Kansas performed ‘Carryon Wayward Son’.

#3 Jensen made his feelings towards Baby known.

When a fan asked the cast what their favorite props were the crowd chimed in with “Baby!’. Jensen quickly corrected them by saying, “Baby is not a prop. Baby is a part of me”. Well played Ackles, well played.

#4 Show runner Andrew Dabb confirmed a Supernatural spin-off.

A fan asked “Which character do you feel would make the most interesting spin-off?”. Dabb obliged the crowd by announcing that a spin-off is in the works and will focus on female characters Jody Mills, Donna Hanscum, and Alex Jones.

#5 So what about Castiel?

Throughout the panel jokes were made at Misha Collins’ expense about him being fired from the show. While it does appear that Castiel is dead, it looks like he will still appear in season 13.

#6 Mary’s Fate is Revealed

The cast also discussed Sam and Dean’s mom Mary. Dean believes that his mother is dead but Sam is convinced that she is still alive and wants to find her. Executive producer Bob singer confirmed that Mary is still alive.