If you’re as much of a fan of the Elder Scrolls series as I am, the seemingly eternal wait for the latest release in Bethesda’s most successful series can prove to be quite the ordeal. But fear not, we here at The Game of Nerds are here to remind you that there is still plenty in the fifth Elder Scrolls installment for you to hack, slash and shoot your way through while waiting for the fateful day.

The World

Skyrim is one of the vastest and beautiful lands you are still ever going to find on any gaming platform, and I can almost guarantee that there are still parts of it you haven’t fully experienced yet. Whether it’s trekking through the teeming forests of Falkreath, burrowing through the eerie hallways of an ancient Dwemer stronghold, or just simply wandering across the beautiful tundras that make up the northernmost part of Tamriel, Skyrim is quite simply a world that is alive. With 600 NPCs ready to talk to in the game, even now there are hundreds and hundreds of interactions and quests out there for you to jump in. With such a huge open world, all of the characters you meet feel different and unique; they all possess their own stories and lore that an eagle-eyed Dragonborn might be able to pick the hidden details from.

Interesting places you might want to visit:

  • Lost Valley Redoubt – Hang back long enough to watch a Briarheart resurrection in the flesh
  • Yngvild – Undoubtedly the creepiest story in Skyrim
  • Kagrenzel Ruins – The most thrilling and stunning Dwarven ruin in the game this one

The Builds

No two characters you build in Skyrim are ever the same. This means that every time you flee out of Helgen right at the beginning of your adventure, you’re experiencing the game in a totally new and different way. With a new and fresh approach to every save, the challenge and subsequent rewards that come from the game keep that feel-good feeling we all love in our video games. One of the best tips I found in keeping my games interesting is by adding a backstory or goal to my characters. Whether you’ve hardly touched the game or you’re just as die-hard as me, adding a little bit of depth goes a long way. For example: are you the deadly listener of the Dark Brotherhood, dedicated to the worship of Mehrunes Dagon and the chaos he brings? Are you one of the Vigilants of Stendarr, adept with sword and shield as you tackle all Daedras, Werewolves and Vampires alike? Or are you Mannimarco incarnate: a powerful mage hungry to master the arts of necromancy, no matter the cost?

The Quests

As an experience, Skyrim is nothing without its quests. Thankfully the quests in this game have continued to age well, despite it reaching its seventh birthday in 2018. The standard: ‘kill Alduin to save the world’ main questline is just a tiny fraction of the compelling quest trees a player gets to relive. The characters you meet, the otherwise rare or unobtainable loot you can show off, the lore and stories you live through and get told… Skyrim is a game that truly rewards those who go out of their looking for adventure. With almost every single location found in the game boasting some form of lore or questline, I guarantee there are still stories out there that you haven’t fully experienced yet.

Some of the lesser-known but genuinely brilliant quests for you:

  • Rise in the East – Ever wanted to storm an island made up of pirates?
  • The Cursed Tribe – One of the best ways of exploring the Orc way of life in Skyrim
  • Siege on the Dragon Cult – A thrilling ride into the eerie and compelling lore of the ancient Dragon Priests of Skyrim

Photo Source: The Elder Scroll Wiki