Hey everyone! Over the past couple of  days, many of you may have noticed that the Pokemon Gyms were down. They went under construction, per a message that would pop up any time you tried to open one of them, and no one was able to play them – what’s more is that they reverted back to gray status, meaning no one had any claim to them. On top of that, they tweaked the Pokestops to look a little fancier. (It’s the little things.) They now have a circular white line that hovers up and down around the Pokestop itself, which adds to the aesthetic of the game. Don’t worry though, if you haven’t checked yet, the Gyms are back up and entirely revamped, and you can check out every update in the photo gallery below!

Instead of having to swipe through the creatures you’ll have to battle, it shows each Pokemon, their health, and their CP all at once. It gathers the Pokemon into the gym’s dome, and features the gym leader on the background. What’s more is it tells the exact location of the gym, which is always helpful if you’re wanting to get closer to the location without aimlessly wandering. I love the new look, it’s a little more practical and, again, adds to the overall look of the game.


It also seems the badges got an all new look; they’re more vibrant and detailed, giving players the feeling that Niantic is putting more creativity into their smaller updates. These new updates came with an all new loading screen as well, though the warning to be careful and be aware of your surroundings remains the same.  As an added bonus, many a source are rumoring that Legendary Pokemon might soon be coming to Pokemon Go – Whether that’ll be through a week long event or as a permanent addition, we’re still unsure. For now, enjoy the new Gym features and stay safe! Thanks for reading!

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