Blumhouse Productions recently released their “Final Trailer” for Five Nights At Freddy’s and it looks great! With only weeks left till Five Nights At Freddy’s premieres in theaters and streams on Peacock, this year for Halloween. In the opening scenes of the FNAF Final trailer, we get a glimpse of certain events that seem to take place sometime after the pizzeria has been shut down and a group of vandals trespass onto the property to steal any valuable prized possessions and wreak havoc. Little do they know of the true horrors that haunt the grounds of the abandoned pizzeria. One of the vandals tries to investigate some strange movement in the kitchen and is met with Chica and Cupcake. The next scene gives the audience a glimpse of how bloody thirsty these deadly animatronics are.

Next shows William Afton giving Mike his assignment as a security guard for the abandoned pizzeria and when Mike and his sister arrive at the establishment it appears to be after the events of the vandals breaking in. They are welcomed by Vannessa who gives Mike a brief history of the pizzeria and how it was quite an attraction back in the 80s before meeting its untimely end when a few children went missing and were investigated by the police. Despite the police not finding the children in the pizzeria for some reason it was still forced to shut down. Quite curious as to how Vannessa knows so much about the pizzeria, and what her true intentions are.

After knowing this, Mike begins to have dreams about the missing children, perhaps their spirits are visiting him in his dreams to seek his help and allow their souls to rest. The next scene in the trailer appears to be a flashback to the security guard before Mike in a similar setting that we see Mike from the first trailer. Being strapped into a deadly torture device that appears to be built into the animatronics. In the ending sequences of the trailer we see Mike trying to find a way to end the nightmare however Vannessa reveals that it is too late to stop them because “he’s coming.” With Mike trying to escape from the horrors of the pizzeria, the notorious Springtrap is revealed to appear from the shadows! An exciting way to end the trailer, the audience is given a closer and more in-depth look at how well the animatronics are built, and how Springtraps differs from the rest. The anticipation for this year’s Halloween is driving us mad! The release date for the movie Five Nights At Freddy’s will be on October 27, 2023, premiering in theaters and streaming on Peacock, so make sure to mark your calendars!