Halloween is a lifestyle in my house, and I believe wholeheartedly that July 5th officially starts the spooky season. Therefore, to my way of thinking, it is never too early to plan your costume. TV shows have been, even since before I was a kid, a source of costume choices for kids and adults alike. I have been Wonder Woman, Barbie, She-Ra, and more as a kid, and let me tell you, some of those costumes were scary, not on purpose and not at the time, but looking back… Whoa. Horrible. Today, one, costumes for kids are much better, and two, people as a whole are better with makeup, so costumes don’t look terrifying to look at unless that is what you are going for. With that in mind, let’s get into some of the costumes I can see happening this Halloween season.

The Walking Dead: With The Walking Dead spin-offs that came out this year, Daryl Dixon and Dead City, I am sure I will see a resurgence of these characters again this Hallow’s Eve. At least one person I know dresses up as Daryl or Negan almost every year. Daryl is a badass, and Negan is horrible but popular. Now, there is Jones, Isabelle, Nina, and the Croat to add to the OG characters from the original show and Fear The Walking Dead. I would love to see more of Maggie, too. They can be found on AMC+.

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The Last Of Us: The Last Of Us gave us a new fear to unlock with their fresh take on zombies. Rather than a virus, the illness is a fungus that takes over the body and transforms it over time. I can’t decide if the infected look like cauliflower that’s been blown up or marigolds. A mix of both is probably pretty accurate, though. I am not talented enough to make these costumes, but I know many of you are. I would love to see it. The earlier infected looks are probably the easiest to achieve, but the floret look would be insane to see pulled off as long as you can see where you are going. It can be found on Paramount+.

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Mayfair Witches: Everyone knows that Anne Rice wrote the Vampire Chronicles like Interview With A Vampire and Queen Of The Damned. Now, a whole new generation will find her through the Mayfair Witches. The main character, Rowan, goes back and forth in time, so there are beautiful dresses to be worn. Lasher may be a popular character, too. A “Just so you know”, he has his own book in the saga created by the late Ms. Rice. It can be found on AMC+.

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Gotham Knights: DC’s movies have people divided on how good they are. However, their shows are excellent, both the live-action ones and the animated shows. Gotham Knights is DC’s newest offering, which is fantastic. There are new vigilantes, or heroes, depending on who you ask, to dress up as. While Harvey Dent is a character you will remember in Gotham, we also have Duela, Cullen and Harper, Turner Hayes, and Stephanie. Given that these are the children of well-established characters like Bruce Wayne and the Joker, these costumes are probably suited to teens and young adults. It can be found on Max.

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Gremlins Secrets of Mogwai: We first heard of the mogwai in the original Gremlins movie, which came out in 1884, and its sequel, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, in 1990. With the cuties in animated form, they will reach a whole new generation. It will be interesting to see if the children who watch this cartoon will watch the original movies later in life. They don’t look great on the screen nowadays, but it would be an amusing history lesson. It can be found on Max.

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These are some of the shows I can see adults or children dressing up in this Halloween season. I think these all can be made into group costumes as well. What do you think? Did I miss a show you think costumes will come from? What are you dressing up as this year? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!