I finally learned some characters names! But they died shortly after so it was a waste of brain space. The episode had two main stories of survival, along with one minor story of the established New Yorkers.

The episode was fairly pedestrian as it got ready for the season 1 finale next week. Let’s start with Negan who is held by the Marshall. The Marshall wants to get to the docks and use the docks to float back to the mainland. It doesn’t work for them as they are pinned down by lots of walkers. They escape into a building, where Negan tries to make his escape from the Marshall but his heart stops him leaving the injured Marshall to fend for himself. Even when the Marshall doesn’t agree to Negan’s request to not take him back and turn him in. Which the Marshall declines, Negan still saves his punk ass.

The Croat seems a little upset, he makes his way to an opera house or something similar to check in with who I assume is his boss. This person is named Dama, she appears to be an actress or something, pulling the strings. The Croat tries to tell her the problem has been eliminated and that Negan is on the island and won’t escape. She is upset that Negan is gone, she says they need his talents to help keep the main landers off the island in pursuit of resources.

Lisa Emery as The Dama – The Walking Dead: Dead City _ Season 1, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC

The last thread is Maggie and others making it through the sewers. Ginny tries to make a run for topside when Maggie urges her to stop looking for Negan because she doesn’t know him well enough. Tommaso magically “finds” some oxygen tanks and Maggie figures it all out. Tommaso ended up selling out his group to escape the torture when he was captured. He gave up the group and locations and tipped them when things were happening with a promise that he can take himself and Amaia to a place with kitchens and bedrooms, farms, and brick walls, essentially the Croat promised safety at Maggie’s home for his betrayal.

Amaia is obviously upset, and Maggie offers her sanctuary at her place. When Tommaso is trying to explain himself, Amaia and Tommaso both get bit by “sleeping” walkers in one of the most useless deaths imaginable. On the way out, Maggie and Ginny are going to be attacked again and Ginny goes on ahead as Maggie kills a pretty cool hybrid walker. Maggie was talking in Ginny’s ear about Negan but Ginny wasn’t believing it as she wrote, “LIAR” in blood on the wall in the area after Maggie fought walkers. A quick flashback shows that Ginny went to look at the food stock that was supposedly taken by the Croat to be far from empty. We see that the Croat did take Hershel and gave Maggie the flyer to get Negan for a trade. Topside Ginny uses her flare gun and shoots it in the air. Maggie is upset knowing that if Negan sees it and gets to Ginny first her journey is over. Negan sees it and is likely to think it is Maggie.

Zeljko Ivanek as The Croat, Logan Kim as Hershel – The Walking Dead: Dead City _ Season 1, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC