Over  20 years after we got the first taste of Good Burger(and Ed’s special sauce) starring the comedy duo Kenan and Kel we are once again returning the fictious burger place with a sequel coming to Paramount + soon as revealed on The Tonight Show by Kenan and Kel themselves in March

               Unfortunately, due to the ongoing writer’s and actors strikes Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell had to cancel the Good Burger 2 panel at San Diego Comic Con 2023, joining many other cancelled panels including ones for Dune: Part Two, Amazon’s Wheel of Time, and the 25th Anniversary Panel for That 70s Show.

Even though fans weren’t able to hear about Good Burger 2 from the stars themselves  they were at least able to experience it to some degree with the Good Burger 2 experience booth which recreates the Good Burger 2 set and let’s fans take photos as well as compete in a game called Good Burger Smash.

Original released in 1997(and based on an All That sketch) Good Burger follows slacker Dexter(played by Kenan Thompson) as he gets a summer job at the burger restaurant Good Burger and befriends his coworkers, specifically Ed(Kel Mitchell) and helps them compete against the rival burger restaurant that has moved in across the street

Good Burger has quickly become a nostalgic cult classic for millennials and since retreads and nostalgic revisit are becoming the norm in Hollywood its no surprise they would make a sequel even it is over two decades after the point.

Plot details or scarce and an exact release date has yet to be revealed(although sources are saying November)  but Kenan and Kel are expected to return along with Carmen Electra, who played Roxanne, an employee of the rival burger joint who tries to seduce Ed for his special sauce recipe. New cast members for the film include Lil Rel Howery who plays a lawyer for the ominously named Megacorp,  Jillian Bell  as the CEO of Megacorp and Alex R. Hibbert as Ed’s lookalike son Ed2.  Al Roker is also expected to have a cameo.

While the hype for Good Burger 2 is an unfortunate victim of the actor’s strike and likely also delayed by the strike it is still exciting to return to Good Burger after so many years and see if Ed’s special sauce still has the same delicious taste.