The Walking Dead world has been in a big hiatus, like everything else, but the COVID hit them right before a finale, and right before they were going to debut a new show. With three shows, and panels all ready to go I had around 3 hours of panels to watch. As one could imagine the information to pass along wasn’t nearly as extensive.

The Walking Dead

I’ll start with the first panel I watched, The Original Walking Dead. They showed an extended first look, much like what we saw originally, with a number of people stuck in the hospital, with Daryl, Carol, and Judith making it back, we saw Eugene and company on the bikes. The two main differences are that we see Maggie’s reaction a little more to reading the letter. The lasting image is all of the walkers and Whisperer’s converging on the hospital. Beta starts freaking out a bit, thinking that all the walkers are turning around to him cheering him on, saying we are here, this is the end of the world. Later during the panel someone theorizes, that since Beta used to be a county music star that the roar of the crowd is something that he missed and it gets him going.

From the panel itself we didn’t seem to learn a whole lot. They broke this up into two groups. The producers and Scott Gimple were in both of them. Group 1 included the actors for Daryl, Carol, Ezekiel, and Aaron. Group 2 saw Maggie, Eugene, Gabriel, Princess and Negan.

The season 10 finale is airing Sunday, October 4th, immediately followed by episode 1 of The Walking Dead World Beyond, and after that will be The Talking Dead that will have a mega episode covering both.

We will not have a season 11 in 2021, which them not being able to film is not overly shocking. However, they will have a 6 episode extension of season 10 that will air early in 2021. The last little tidbit, from Greg Nicotero, is that the last 5 minutes of this next episode will be crazy and will be changing the landscape.

Fear the Walking Dead

The next panel that I watched was Fear the Walking Dead. Like the other panel, they broke it up into two groups. The first group included producers and Scott Gimple, the actors for Morgan, Alicia and Strand. The preview was the exact same trailer as before with some extended scenes. Morgan has a red-eye, and Virginia has hired a hitman to hunt down Morgan, that seems like a pretty interesting take on things, being a hitman in this world.

I don’t know if it’s because I already knew more about the regular Walking Dead, or because this group gave out more information, but they confirmed that Dwight and Sherry will be on this season. They confirmed that season 6 has already been written but obviously haven’t been able to be filmed, the two writers have just been acting things out to each other.

We got a little snippet that we will see more to the Althea and Isabelle story. That we will see more of the story individually, they didn’t confirm if we will see them both have individual storylines, and they said it’s also possible that we see the story of them together.

From a fan question they asked if we have a time jump based on the length of John’s beard. That was confirmed, but it was thrown out that it is also possible we see multiple time jumps this season.

Group 2 has been switched out and the actors are Daniel, Luciana, June, and Grace.

With this group the points I learned is that Virginia has a younger sister, whose name is Dakota, we will see a vulnerability to Virginia as that is explored. Our favorite cat Skidmark is back, and some plot point will happen involving Skidmark, another character will show up that also has a pet on the show.

Lastly, Season 6 starts October 11th and 9 pm eastern, one week after the finale of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

The final panel was The Walking Dead: World Beyond, which airs October 4th after the Walking Dead. The trailer goes 10 years into the end of the world, Dr. Leo Bennett is in trouble, and his daughters Hope and Iris travel across the country to help him. The dead still owns this world, and we do see this military-type group in helicopters.

Since we haven’t seen this show, don’t know the actors/actresses and the part names I’ll list out who was apart of group 1. Aliyah Royale plays Iris, Alexa Mansour who plays Hope, Joe Holt who plays Dr. Leo Bennett, and father to Hope and Iris, and Julia Ormand who plays mysterious leader Elizabeth.

Two big events happen in the pilot, one is an event called The Night the Sky Fell, we will see intense flashbacks to this time when literal things fell from the sky while people were on their way to safety. The time that everyone looks back on this event is called Monument Day.

Dr. Leo is essentially a genius and he leaves his community to help pass his knowledge onto another community. This show calls walkers, empties.

Group 2 has Nicolas Cantu who plays Elton, Hal Cumpston who plays Silas, Nico Tortorella who plays Felix, and Annet Mahendru who plays Huck.

Elton is a black belt on the show and teaches kids karate, and he did learn some actual karate so he didn’t look like a fake. Elton is like the brains of the group.