Decoding Marvel’s Transmission for Secret Invasion

Say what you want about the state of the MCU, but Marvel knows how to make advertising fun.

In the evening of June 8th, 2023, the official Disney+ Twitter account sent out a tweet including a code and a link to a promotional website called TheInvasionHasBegun.Com. If one were to input the password provided by Disney+, they’d be surprised to see what appears to be footage from the upcoming miniseries Secret Invasion. And this footage provides a bit of exposition for what’s about to happen.

Firstly, fans are greeted with the return of Everett Ross, AKA the CIA Agent that became an ally of T’Challa and Shuri during the Black Panther films. However, his loyalty to Shuri in Wakanda Forever led to him turning against the US Government and having to go on a run as a traitor. These days, he seems to be working for Nick Fury as part of his new organization, S.A.B.E.R.. Or is he? As he’s meeting with another field agent who’s convinced the escalating violence on Earth is the work of Skrull infilitrator’s, Ross’ behavior starts to become notably suspicious. He brushes off the notion that the Skrulls have turned on mankind to take Earth for themselves a little too casually, which soon leads to violence.

While we’re not show whether or not Ross is actually a Skrull agent, the footage highlights the paranoia and tension that’s going to follow in Secret Invasion. When the enemy can look like anyone, knowing who to trust could be impossible. It’s why the Skrulls can make such terrifying enemies in the comics, and why I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. 

What do you guys think of this new teaser, though? Are you excited to see Samuel Jackson back as Nick Fury again? Let us know down in the comments as we await the arrival of Secret Invasion in two weeks.