I like to look at the rules beforehand when buying a board game. Games that I find interesting tend to have many pieces and a rule book that rivals any of my college texts. However, not everyone I play with goes that hard. So, I turn to Becca Scott when looking for a game to play with my less intense friends. Her videos on the Good Time Society and Geek & Sundry have saved my friends’ many heartaches. Therefore, when I saw Scott was involved in the Tabletop News (TtN) Kickstarter, I knew I had to investigate!

Tabletop News
Source: Tabletop News Facebook Page

Known Hosts

Below is a table consisting of the future hosts of TtN, their social media pages, and previous media they have worked on.

HostPrevious Media
Becca ScottGood Time Society, Dimension 20
Carlos LunaRoll20, Dimension 20
Michelle Nguyen BradleyCritical Role, New York by Night
Xander JeanneretL.A. by Night, Invitation to Party
Katie WilsonSYFY, Paizo
Surena MarieCritical Role, Dimension 20
Nathan OndracekTheDaTNetwork
Here is a table of the hosts, their social media, and previous works.

The Premise

According to Kickstarter, TtN will be a weekly news series covering everything tabletop and nerdy. Topics include tabletop roleplaying games, card games, board games, tournaments, streaming, and entertainment. They hope to highlight the big names in tabletop gaming, independent developers, and BIPOC creators. The goal is to create a full-length episode each week on YouTube and post individual segments all over the internet. The creators want the community to be at the center of what they do, and sharing content everywhere will help us all stay in the know. Overall, it aims to be a nerd stream powered by fellow nerds, and I am beyond excited about it.


Xander Jeanneret was one of the streamers who interested me in Dungeons and Dragons. Relics and Rarities made the game more assessable to me. As someone with social anxiety, roleplaying in front of my spouse, let alone my friends, was scary. However, after seeing that stream, that is all I want to do now.

Aside from my love for board games and D&D, the news aspect of this stream is highly intriguing. So many games, streams, and podcasts are starting daily, and learning more about these projects can be difficult. Having a time slot each week to see what fellow games have found sounds exciting. I am incredibly excited to learn more about independent developers and smaller-scale streams. Ultimately, this is a Kickstarter I can get behind, and I hope to see TtN come to fruition.

Odds and Ends

If you want to learn more about TtN, head over to their Twitter page. The Kickstarter is also live for another few weeks. I also mentioned how Relics and Rarities inspired my love for D&D, so if you are interested, check out this article.