Have you ever thought your cozy farming simulator needed a prehistoric twist? Then look no further than the upcoming indie game Paleo Pines.

The game lets players escape to an island of friendly townsfolk and equally friendly dinosaurs. Tame these dinos, care for them, run your ranch, and saddle them up to explore this colorful but wild countryside.

Source: Paleo Pines | Official Steam Page

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The story explains that “evolution took a different path – survival of the kindest – creating a world in which humans and dinosaurs live together in harmony” – as opposed to the other times we’ve seen humans trying to coexist with dinosaurs. However, you play as the legendary flute whisperer’s last and only known descendant. Your coming brings much excitement to the townsfolk, who all welcome you with open arms. Alongside your companion, a Parasaurolophus named Lucky, you begin not only a new life on the ranch – but an exploration into ancient history, a forgotten past, and the path of your ancestors.

On your travels, you have the chance to meet many friendly wild dinosaurs. Gain their trust by making them suitable pens, feeding them their favorite foods, giving them attention, and treating them with kindness. In turn, these lovable lizards may decide to help you on your ranch. And yes – you can pet them.

But the dinosaurs aren’t your only companions. The townsfolk are just as vibrant and colorful, each with their own backstories. Build friendships in your community through various quests, opening up more parts of the island for you to explore. Everyone helps one another through the variety of stores and community hubs that you have complete access to.

Likewise, the island is just as vast. Each biome comes with its own different collectibles, dinosaurs, and vibrancy. You may even want to sit and watch the wild dinosaurs interacting with one another and their environments.

Source: Paleo Pines | Official Steam Page

But What Makes This A Farming Sim?

The farming part comes from the ranch itself. While you have the choice to adventure out into the great unknown with your new dinosaur pals, their feed has to come from somewhere. So grow it yourself with their help, having your dinosaurs plow the fields and help with the harvests. However, as with many other farming simulators, you need to make sure that your crops are growing in the right season. What is different about this game is you also have to match the soil to the crops you’re growing, adding an extra challenge and twist to growing your fruits and vegetables.

Another thing the game boasts is the freedom to make your farm your own. No farms are said to be the same from different pen styles, what crops you grow and in what arrangements, and a variety of decorations. Players have complete agency in what they want to create, from romantic flower gardens to haunting hollow halls.

Players will also have the ability to customize their character to look the way they want fully. From the very beginning, make your avatar precisely as you want it – to unlock even more customization capabilities as you play through the game. Every player will also have access to a wardrobe feature, meaning they can change how they look whenever they choose.

Paleo Pines does not have an official release date yet, though it can be wish listed on the Official Steam Page. If you’re interested in the development of the game, you can find their official Twitter here, where they post frequent updates and other news related to the game. If you want a peek, feel free to check out the trailer below.

Source: YouTube | On Game Trailers

What are your thoughts on Paleo Pines? Is this a game you’ll be adding to your wish list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.