Australian game studios have unquestionably set the global standard in mobile game creation. This is largely because the nation is home to intelligent game developers and artists. Australia also has many strong game production companies. Many of these studios are still in operation despite the considerable resources (both financial and human) needed to run them. Discover more about Australia’s leading game design studios in subsequent paragraphs.

The Top Australian Game Development Studios

We compiled a list of the top game development studies in Australia. These top Aussie game development centers have produced popular titles and digital products. They include, in no particular order.

  • Big ant. This company, which was established more than 20 years ago, has expanded to become one of the nation’s biggest game development studios. They specialize in producing console titles that generate thousands of dollars in revenue. Their famous works include designs for Rugby League Live and AO International Tennis. They have a headquarter in Melbourne, and traditionally, most of their productions are sports-centered. 
  • Firemonkeys. Some of Firemonkey’s most prominent creations may be found in well-known racing and simulation games. The Melbourne-based studio was purchased by Electronic Arts roughly twelve years ago. Since the acquisition, the company has been churning out excellent revenue-generating titles.
  • Mirage. One of Australia’s most advanced studios is Mirage. They have two major facilities in Asia in addition to a standard studio within the country. Their team members are experts in various game development niches. Some of the digital components of famous games and movies like The Lord of the Rings is one of the examples of their remarkable work. The team currently has other ongoing projects.
  • Alt. Alt does much more than make video games. Television advertisements, special effects for motion pictures, and other digital media are their areas of expertise. The studio has locations in the United States, and Japan and three significant locations in Australia. Among their well-known customers are famous automobile companies like Honda. Presently, the company is expanding its production networks and human resources across the globe.
  • Realtime Gaming (RTG). Realtime Gaming (RTG) is a software development company that specializes in creating online casino games. They use natural language generation techniques to generate dynamic in-game text, such as game descriptions, promotions, and bonus offers. This helps to provide a more engaging and personalized experience for players, as well as reduce the workload for developers in creating new content. RTG’s text generation capabilities can be integrated into other gaming platforms and websites to provide a seamless and convenient gaming experience for players.
  • Mighty Kingdom. Before the turmoil that the Mighty Kingdom faced about two days ago, it was arguably Australia’s largest game design studio. The company started about thirteen years ago and specializes in game design, animation, and video production. The company has employed over a hundred developers, designers, and engineers in over a decade of game production. The company had also produced several mobile games and attempted to enter Australia’s stock exchange before it experienced some slow game sales. Despite the challenges, the popular firm has gone through several phases of remodeling and has begun achieving good sales. 
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Key Roles Of Video Game Production Companies

A one-man team can handle game production and, in some situations, requires a group of people. The team members usually consist of a concept artist who designs an overall sketch of what the game will look like. The art department gives a visual outlook of the game, and the programmers start doing the coding aspect. 

The programmers are responsible for building the game engine and designing a prototype that’ll undergo several tests before the final release. Other team members include game artists who design in-game assets. The artists also design the game’s sound settings and 3D elements, where applicable. 

Every game also passes through several quality assurance tests before a final release. The team in charge of this, usually called the quality assurance team, is tasked with reporting errors and bugs found in every version of the game. 

There’s also a project manager that oversees the whole game development process and assigns specific people to game marketing. A marketing team is usually employed in the mid-production phase and ensures maximal public awareness of the project. This team is also in charge of designing a budget for the project and calculating expected revenue.

A Final Word

The game development world shows no sign of stopping, as hundreds of mobile games are released daily. A large chunk of these games is produced in various game studios in Australia. To join the nation’s game development movement, one must gradually collect learning resources, become proficient in the fundamentals, and understand the difference between playing and building games.

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