As a child, I recall spending a lot of time looking through my dad’s old Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) supplies. Of course, it was just a box with an unfinished story; however, I yearned for the day that I would be able to find my own group of friends to bond with in this manner. This may have taken twenty years to achieve, but now I’m in full force. Today I would love to share some details of Wizards of the Coast’s newest module, Spelljammer, and the corresponding stream, Legends of the Multiverse!

legends of the multiverse
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Legends of the Multiverse Players

Cast MemberRole
Brennan Lee MulliganGame Master
Deborah Ann WollSunny
Aabria IyengarNeba
B. Dave WaltersKaiho Karoshi
Meagan KenreckRiddle
Gina DarlingBac Si
Todd KenreckTorven
This is a table of all the players and their corresponding characters.


Anytime Mulligan or Woll is in a stream, I absolutely have to watch it, and this was no exception. Mulligan has a way of fully immersing viewers into his world in a way that I have not seen many other Game Masters do before. Iyengar is also a fantastic player, with Neba being one of my favorite characters thus far. I have less experience watching Kenreck, Darling, and Kenreck; however, I have found their role-playing to be spot on and a joy to watch. Overall, these players work together well, even in this Zoom format, and I highly recommend anyone looking for a space-themed D&D campaign to give it a try.


Based on my research, there has been some form of Spelljammer since Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, AKA second edition. Except for the fourth edition having the Manual of the Planes. For our fifth edition players, the latest Spelljammer set comprises three books: Astral Adventurer’s Guide, Boo’s Astral Menagerie, and Light of Xaryxis. Wizards of the Coast is also releasing Spelljammer Academy, a free prequel offered on DnDBeyond and the Wizards of the Coast website.

Odds and Ends

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