Dimension 20 brought me to the Dropout platform. However, I quickly fell in love with other series on the service. Game Changer became a staple in my household. Two of my favorite episodes of this series were Noise Boys and Official Cast Recording. Improv musical and dudes making crazy accurate sounds? Sign me up! With that in mind, I am happy to share the spin-off series Play it By Ear

Play it By Ear
Source: Dropout

The Premise

Play it By Ear has the same premise as the Game Changer episode Official Cast Recording. However, a team sings and acts out a prompt given by host Mano Agapion. The cast changes with each episode, but Jess McKenna and Zach Reino can be found in all of them. Additionally, the musically inclined improv artists are accompanied by a Scott Passarella-led band. Overall, it is a delightful time full of laughs, hijinks, and goosebumps-inducing solos.


 All five episodes of this mini-series are amazing, but two stand out as my favorites. First, “Whimsy on Wheels” featuring McKenna, Reino, Zeke Nicholson, and Ross Bryant. The cast shares the tale of Gogu, a rideshare app. This particular app does not take one where they want to go, but rather where they need to go. This team did not miss a beat and worked well together, bringing forth a story I love retelling to my friends. Finally, “Space Rocks!” featuring McKenna, Reino, Nicholson, Oscar Montoya, and Ashley Ward. The cast is aboard the spacecraft called The Harmony, where they find love and friendship in unexpected places. Ward’s duet, with herself, about her boss was beautifully done and inspiring, to say the least. Ultimately, this show is the right dash of comedy, theatre, and musical. It has also taught me the importance of “winging it” if the occasion arises.

Odds and Ends

To learn more about the original game show, check out my article on Game Changer. Then, to check out the episodes mentioned in the article and more, head over to Dropout. Ultimately, I highly recommend this show to anyone looking to get a good song or two stuck in their head.