Episode Synopsis:

Jess returns from jury duty and attempts to uncover the real identity of a juror sequestered with her. Meanwhile, Reagan prepares to move out of the loft and out of Nick’s life, and Winston and Cece help Schmidt get over his fear of public dancing.

The Gang:

Nick, Jess & Reagan- We find ourselves on Reagan’s last day at the loft. Her and Nick were about to have sex, when we discover that Jess is finally back. Hilariously enough, Nick walks in on the two ladies with his special silky boxers on. From there on, things just get awkward between Nick and Reagan. They’re trying to quickly get over the fact that they’ve made out several times and try to put it all behind them. Also, we learn that Jess has a massive crush on one of the jurors she was on jury duty with and she is determined to find him. When Reagan decides to help Jess find the juror, Nick has to make things awkward again and get some things off his chest. First off, we get a gorilla reference once again from Nick because he said he’d like to acknowledge the 800 lb gorilla in the room and not the elephant. He explains how weird it is that he’s dated both Reagan and Jess and get’s a lot of anxiety about it. And funnily enough, the girls are both fine with it. Reagan and Jess take their adventure on the road, and Jess makes a callback to Cece’s first wedding. She talks about how Nick would have been the only person she would have gone into a duct with to find a badger. I was thinking during this scene, that maybe this could possibly start the little push towards Jess’s acknowledgement that Nick was a good partner. Hopefully, this get’s the ball rolling for the Nick and Jess relationship. Meanwhile, at the loft. Nick is practicing his different “goosebumps walkaways” that he might say to Reagan when she leaves. They’re all pretty ridiculous, and don’t make any sense. Another great moment was when we see Jess and Reagan again. They call Nick to come over to a golf course, to talk to one of the other jurors that sat next to Jess’s crush. While Nick is doing miserably to get any answers, Reagan and Jess talk about how Nick says things wrong and how he kisses like a coal miner. That was a funny moment between the two because aside from all the weird things Nick does, girls still get weak in the knees for him. When the trio gets back to the loft, Jess urges Reagan to tell Nick how she really feels about him. Reagan finds Nick in the bathroom and when she’s about to admit her feelings, Nick’s big “goosebumps walkaway” was “Sayonara, Sammy.” Really? What does that even mean? And did Schmidt really approve of this? Later, Jess goes to a news station to talk about her time on the trial. And when she’s introduced, her crush, Gary is also there on a live feed. Jess reveals that she likes Gary and they exchange info. This is all happening on live TV, while their faces have been blacked out for identity security and their voices have been dubbed to an extremely low pitch. We see later that the two finally meet and things don’t go as planned. They have absolutely nothing in common. At the airport, Reagan calls Nick to tell him how she feels, but rethinks her decision and just responds with “Sayonara, Sammy,” like Nick did. Thank god. I did love that when they showed Reagan leaving the table she was sitting at, she was wearing the shirt Jess made her. When Jess returns back to the loft, she gets surprised by Nick sitting on her bed. They reminisce and say that they missed each other. Thank you ‘New Girl’ gods for giving us a Nick and Jess scene. I squealed with happiness.

Schmidt, Cece & Winston- There wasn’t a whole lot of storyline to the B plot, but we see that Schmidt and Cece want to start rehearsing their dance for the big wedding day. Winston has been going to some dance classes, so he lets the two tag along. When they arrive, the class is more of a “do whatever you want” type of class. People are just free styling to the music that is playing. Winston and Cece love the idea, but Schmidt is all about choreography. He goes into full detail about why he can’t randomly dance in front of people, but Cece insists that she just wants to have fun on her wedding day. When Jess calls Winston about getting some info about her crush at the police station, Winston gets made fun of by the guys for what he’s wearing. Later, Schmidt learns that Winston really doesn’t care about what other people are saying about him, he just focuses on how well he’s doing at his job. This resonates with Schmidt, and he realizes that maybe he could just dance randomly at his wedding, without anyone caring. This later evolves into our final scene, where the gang starts dancing in the loft. Gotta love an impromptu dance scene.

For a 100th episode, this was really satisfying. Jess was finally back, we got to see some nice interactions between her and Reagan, and of course, we got a Nick and Jess scene to gush over. Even though I liked Reagan, I am glad she’s gone. Now we can go back to furthering the original groups story lines and seeing what is in store for them next. We got some more great callbacks and Jess made me laugh so hard. What I do wish would happen is for Schmidt, Cece and Winston to get some better story lines. They’ve kind of gone to wayside since Reagan was there; so hopefully now, they’ll get more screen time.


4/5 glasses rating