Now that December has arrived, Netflix is releasing a variety of Christmas movies to get you into the holiday spirit. Netflix has released great films, such as The Noel Diary, Christmas With You, Falling for Christmas, and plenty more to get your heart glowing and your spirit feeling brighter. 

The Noel Diary: a movie about taking a journey to find hidden truths in the past, forgiveness, and finding love along the way. Based on the novel by Richard Paul Evans, starring Justin Hartley from “This Is Us” and Barrett Doss from “Station 19”, this Netflix film tells about a writer learning about his mother’s death and helping a woman find out about her own past and what happened to her mother. This movie really speaks on loss and forgiveness, with a sprinkle of romance and learning more about what one truly needs in their life to achieve happiness. Make sure you have a box of tissues handy when you watch this movie.

Christmas With You: This latest movie stars Aimee Garcia and Freddie Prinze Jr. in a cozy rom-com. Garcia portrays a pop star worried about her long-standing career coming to an end. However, she finds her missing inspiration for music again and finds love with a widowed father along the way. Christmas With You gives Prinze Jr. a chance to showcase his Latin roots in this movie and shines a light on the Latin and Spanish communities during the holidays. What makes this movie different is the fact that Garcia’s character defies the spoiled, jaded pop star stereotype and shows that even though she’s a star, she pushes to reconnect with herself and regain her Christmas spirit.

Angel Falls Christmas: This movie gives off a true Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas vibe. Starring Chad Michael Murray and Jessica Lowndes, it begins with Ally, a workaholic doctor, making a Christmas bucket list as proof to her ex-boyfriend that she has Christmas spirit. To help her realize the joys of Christmas, a mysterious stranger named Gabe helps her check off her list and helps her regain her Christmas spirit. Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend Josh is getting the help of his own from Maureen, another mysterious stranger, and realizing his own mistakes in his relationship with Ally. This movie breaks the stereotypical tropes of other Christmas romance movies and gives a happy ending you won’t expect.

Falling For Christmas: This movie is a combination of a Hallmark Channel Movie and the premise of “Overboard.” With Lindsey Lohan making a comeback to the acting scene, she plays spoiled hotel heiress Sierra Belmont, who loses her memory after a skiing accident and finds refuge with struggling lodge owner Jake Russell and his young daughter. This movie gives off sweet, wholesome vibes, and Lohan’s character shows a woman who wants to prove herself to others but can’t find the right step toward achieving that goal. Yet, she manages to get her step in with the help of others. This is a feel-good Christmas movie and showcases Lohans’s talent once again.

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol: Netflix brings viewers a new musical adaptation of the age-old classic Christmas tale, “A Christmas Carol,” with “Scrooge.” The movie is beautifully animated, with songs that will be stuck in your head for days. Luke Evans, from “Beauty and The Beast” and “The Alienist,” voices the titular character Scrooge, bringing the tragic character to life. This amazing movie brings tears to one’s eyes and truly brings the story of Scrooge to life. This movie is a perfect one to watch on Christmas and truly showcases what made Scrooge a tragic and misunderstood novel character. Highly recommend it for those that wish to learn more about the characters’ backstories and hear some great music.

Netflix is putting out great Christmas movies to get you in the holiday spirit, with more being released in the upcoming weeks. Whether you want to feel some romance in your heart, a tear-jerking family movie, or a musical classic, Netflix is ready to give you a dose of Christmas magic this year, and we can all agree we can use a little Christmas magic in our lives again.