Hello, Gamers! If you love playing games and are really good at them, chances are you have considered becoming a professional gamer. With e-sports now becoming a large industry, it is important that you start off with all the basic things you need to begin your career. In this article, we will guide you on what you need to become a professional gamer.

High-End PC or Console

Obviously, the first thing you will be needing is the platform on which you will play games. For console users, the choice is very simple. You can get either a PlayStation 5 which is a next-generation gaming console or X Box Series X. There are other consoles too, such as Nintendo Switch.

But if you are a PC gamer, you need to have a high-end PC. For this, you need to have the latest version of the processor in your PC as well as a great graphics card and at least 16 GB of RAM. Furthermore, you will need to install cooling fans so your PC does not get heated up.

So, the first thing you need is to have a good console or a high-end PC depending on which system you prefer.

Fast Internet

After your gaming setup, the most important thing is to have fast internet. You will need to have an internet plan which gives the least latency and minimum ping.

In gaming latency and ping are most important as latency is the delay when you press the button and when in-game the action happens. If your internet has high latency then you will be facing lag and this can affect your gaming.

As a gamer, you must know how annoying and frustrating it is when your game lags. As a professional gamer, every microsecond counts. They can decide the winning or losing. You must have seen gamers pulling off high-skill moves such as “hard scoping” in Call of Duty, or microsecond dodges in DoTA2.

Furthermore, if you are a streamer, you will need to have a package through which you can upload larger packets of data. As streaming will take a lot of your internet to stream your video so, you need to have a connection fast enough to maintain good pings while keeping a good stream.

Therefore, you need to have a good, stable, and fast internet connection so your online gaming does not lag along with seamless streaming. We believe that Xfinity internet will solve this problem for you. Dial the Xfinity phone number to learn more. 


The monitor is as important as your gaming setup. As a professional gamer, you will need a monitor that can handle the capacity of your graphics card.

Frame rates are very important for a professional gamer. You will need a monitor that supports 8K resolution or at least a minimum 4K resolution with a refresh rate of 144Hz.

You can have a good graphics card but if your monitor does not support the resolution or frame rate that your PC can provide, then it is of no use.

High-Definition Headphones with Mic

Online gaming is all about being immersed in your game. With high-definition headphones, you can have a 3D sound which can help you in your game. Like in Battle Field, if there is an enemy running behind you, by using high-end headphones you will be able to hear his sound coming from the back because of 3D audio.

Similarly, communication is the main key in online gaming with teammates. You will need to pull off coordinated moves and attacks on your enemies to be able to secure a win. This coordination can change the ride of the game. As in League of Legends, a well-coordinated gank can help your team secure the win. For this, you need a headset with a good microphone.

Mouse and Keyboard

Many professional gamers use mechanical keyboards and gaming mouse. They provide fast input speed, which is, there is a very small delay in the time when you press a key to the time when the computer receives the command. It is usually negligible. But with mechanical keyboards and gaming mouse, this delay is almost eliminated.

Moreover, you can enable key-bindings on your keyboard and mouse in order to execute moves by pressing one button.

Gaming Chair

Last but not least, you need to be comfortable when gaming therefore, you will need a good gaming chair. Gaming for many hours straight can be very uncomfortable and put a strain on your posture. With a good gaming chair, you can game for very long hours without getting uncomfortable. The more comfortable you are, the better you will play.

Wrapping up, if you have your eyes set on becoming a professional gamer, these are the basic things you need to complete your setup. Good luck and have fun.