Space is always a great theme for a video game – what could be better than exploring the galaxy, battling extraterrestrials and encountering new worlds. For those partial to a bit of space-faring, there are a huge variety of great games out there to get your mind off studying – after all, we all need a break sometimes. 

Below we’re looking at some of the most entertaining, captivating and accessible space games out there today. Each brings something new to the table, and whether they’re old or new, they all deliver on those celestial thrills.

No Man’s Sky

This game has been through a surprising development journey. Originally released back in 2016 following years of building hype, when this first came out it experienced a huge critical and fan backlash. This is because the game’s developers failed to deliver on the ambitious promises for what this game would feature.

Fortunately for those checking the title out today though, Hello Games, the studio behind No Man’s Sky, has diligently sought to update the game through a series of free expansion packs over the years, hoping to recapture the dream of what they knew their game could be. 

And boy have they delivered – No Man’s Sky offers gamers the opportunity to explore a procedurally generated universe full of unique worlds each with their own flora, fauna and atmospheric conditions. Part survival simulator and part exploration game, No Man’s Sky offers an unparalleled degree of freedom to the enterprising space adventurer.

Space Invaders

Everyone’s heard of Space Invaders, and for good reason. It’s arguably the most successful early arcade title in videogame history. Its iconic sounds and pixelated aliens are instantly recognizable and it pretty much spawned the space video game genre as we know it. 

For those wanting to relive the excitement of early 80s gaming, you can download the title as an app on both the iOS store and Google Play Stores. A faithful reproduction of the arcade original, this version even includes a miniature arcade cabinet with touch controls for added immersion and fun.

Dr. Toonz

This slots title is a spin-off of the immensely popular space-themed games Reactoonz 1 & 2 – in this latest outing you take charge of Dr. Toonz himself, the wild-eyed UFO-riding mad scientist from these previous releases. 

Photo by Bruce Warrington on Unsplash

With a host of compelling reel symbols from bizarre four-eyed aliens to spinning orbs and a DNA helix, this one nails the aesthetic. And it’s not just looks where Dr. Toonz impresses – with a range of whacky and entertaining bonus rounds and novel additions from the Quantumeter to the Metamorphoses feature, Dr. Toonz provides the quality of next-gen experience popular on reputable platforms in the space.

Among Us

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re no doubt aware of Among Us. The viral hit of 2020, Among Us remains one of the most engaging and hilarious party games out there today. 

For those unaware, in Among Us, you’re part of a crew of astronauts that must maintain the ordinary running of their space-ship by performing small tasks through-out the vessel. So far so good, however one of you is actually an imposter who is challenged with killing off the other members of your crew while avoiding suspicion. 

Players call meetings where they elect to vote out a member of the crew they suspect as being the imposter. If the true imposter survives to the final two, they win. Blending deception and subterfuge with silly armless astronauts, Among Us is amazing fun whether you’re playing with friends or random people online.

Star Command

For those wanting to captain their own ship in true Trekkie style, Star Command is the game for you. This strategy game puts you in charge of every aspect of your vessel, from selecting your crew to designing its layout. 

This title really comes into its own in moments of peril where you must manage unfolding situations in real time, from alien boarding parties, to hull breaches. With a captivating pixelated design, this title promises hours of fun.