With the year coming to its end, we thought it’s just about time to look back at the roster of 2022’s best streaming platforms and how they fared.

Similar to the spicy chicken sandwich craze between fast food chains we saw last year, media properties want their place in the streaming space too. It’s a volatile field to say the least. Platforms split to create new ones. Films and series also continue to bounce from one platform to the other.

Take a look at Paramount+ and the way they’ve managed content as our very own Jay Friz breaks it down!

There’s loads of options out there, fitting different entertainment desires and budgets, but here are this years highlights. We’ll do our best to paint a pretty picture and give you the run down.

The Top Three

Apple Studios

You have to admire Apple Studio’s effort for thinking outside the box. Even if it fails to stick the landing. They’re relatively new to this landscape but have they managed to make their presence known.

Peggy Holmes’ Luck is an original computer animated film that shows the medium still has a lot more work to go through, but it’s headed in the right direction.

Sean Andres’ Spirited is a modern take on Charles Dickens’s 1843 A Christmas Carol. It’s a film that demonstrates you can rework and established piece with simplicity and still come out on top.

Apple Studio’s also collaborated with studio A24 to create Lila Neugebauer’s Causeway. In a post-COVID world, we continue to process the trauma it left in its trails. For a film that tackles similar themes, led by a strong performance from Jennifer Lawrence, Apple Studio’s choice to examine relevant themes in this and other projects will continue to hit home.


Hulu has been a thorn in the side of Netflix exec’s for quite a while now. Sure, there are a few flops that came out. (*Ahem* Deep Water). But this year, the scale tipped towards the side of finer quality. That’s perhaps Hulu’s strongest attribute. Their ability to consistently pump out solid content.

Quinn Shephard’s black comedy Not Okay was a project that focused on validation and fame in an age where we continue to move further into the cloud. How poignant. Mimi Cave’s Fresh continues to demonstrate what Hulu is capable when it comes to a fresh and dark spin on comedy. How does one navigate the “horrors” of modern dating? Think romance and gore can’t find a thematic balance in film? Tell that to Mimi Cave.

Hulu is also capable of preserving older works and reworking them for a contemporary audience. Dan Trachtenberg’s Prey is the newest installment in the Predator series created by Jim and John Thomas. Historically, sequels don’t do well. But Hulu and company found a way to maintain the action and adrenaline in a Predator movie and further elevate the project with the sometimes-lacking character development.

If Hulu can continue to maintain their patience, it might come out king in the year to follow!

Source: Forbes


Here’s to the reason we’re writing this article. The one who started this grand streaming race.

If you gave names to quality vs. quantity, it would be Hulu vs. Netflix. Where Netflix sometimes lacks quality (See Marmaduke), it more than makes up for with its massive catalog. It pumps out more than double the content of any of its competitors. Money sure does help.

At the height of Netflix’s line up are films that will surely receive recognition come award season.

Edward Berger’s All Quiet on the Western Front was a quiet but welcome surprise. It’s not your run of the war film that exists purely for the voyeuristic eye. It has something to say. How pointless and futile is war? Does it deserve the constant glorification it continues to get in the recycled war films?

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio displays the duality of man film on full screen. (See Disney’s live action version). It’s the product of a director given creative liberty to honor the darkness of their source material. A modern day horror story that works for both children and adults alike.

Closing thoughts on some lack-luster platforms


As far as original content goes, Peacock failed to deliver on either quality or quantity. They/Them and Meet Cute were nothing to brag home about.


Kimi, A Christmas Story Christmas and The Fallout were excellent contributions. What’s holding back HBO Max is their tendency to flat out cancel their original content. Projects will be cancelled shortly after the initial announcement or well into production and there’s no rhyme or reason to it.