If you’re looking for a unique gaming experience, then look no further than Tala & the Flower Seed. This concept is one of the most creative projects I’ve seen thus far.

Mushroom Tala and the Flower Seed

Photo Source: Tala & the Flower Seed

The art seamlessly melds into each other to create a cohesive and unique experience that gamers of all ages will gawk over. Tala & the Flower Seed combines unique art and stunning Australian scenery. Matthew Petrak, the father of this gorgeous game, took photographs around Victoria and Melbourne before adding his unique twist. Aside from the awesome graphics, Tala & the Flower Seed can also boast soothing music. Cody Rueger, the composer, lulls gamers into a sense of tranquility like a relaxing bath on a stressful day.

Old Man Tala and the Flower seed

Photo Source: Tala & the Flower Seed

The game begins with Tala pursuing around the woods when she stumbles across a seed. Curiosity seems to get the best of her and she enlists the help of the townsfolk to help nurture her newly found seed. This puzzle game encourages players to explore the different parts of town and click on everything available. Another interesting focal point is the fact that there is no dialogue involved in Tala & the Flower Seed. Players must solve puzzles with Pictionary-like finesse to complete the goal. While the goal of the demo is to help the seed grow, it is unclear what the ultimate end goal will be.

Home Tala and the Flower Seed

Photo Source: Tala & the Flower Seed

Tala & the Flower Seed is a game that sparks curiosity and brings gamers back to their childhood. I enjoyed several playthroughs of the demo and found myself excited to see how Petrak will end his full version. Overall, Tala is an adorable character that gamers will fall in love with and will enjoy helping her achieve her dreams.

All images including the featured image are from Tala & the Flower Seed. One can try out their demo or look at their Kickstarter.