As you were playing Valheim, have you ever uttered the phrase, “Run to the Plains! It’s safe!”? No, of course not, and I had not either. That is, until my husband and I finally reached the Mistlands. There will be some spoilers to the newly dropped update, so if you want to avoid them, I recommend coming back after your adventure for yourself!

Additions to Valheim

An extensive list of additions and bug fixes is available on the Valheim website; however, I will share a few of the key points we ran into. There are several new enemies, and I may avoid the Mistlands entirely if you have entomophobia. In addition, there are new crafting materials and stations, new craftable items, and building pieces. The new music is also top-notch, especially over by Haldor. Finally, there is also a new dungeon for your looting pleasure!


I had mentioned previously that we put an embarrassing number of hours into this game. However, with this update, that number has only risen. The day we defeated Yagluth, we knew it was time to journey into the Mistlands. So, we got some IRL rest and booted up early the following day. To my husband’s glee, the bug preventing him from picking up his prized fish was fixed. After a photo-op, we crafted a ship and set sail.

In no time, we found the misty lands and chased after a few hares, having an absolute ball. That is until we heard horns off in the distance. Paying no attention to the eerie sound, we continued hunting hares. But, little did we know, a Gjall was waiting to wreck our shit. This beast immediately decimated us, and a few Seeker Soldiers continued to murder us while we retrieved our bodies. We were vaulted off the mountainous terrain several times over, with our only safety net being the Plains island next door. It was equally frustrating and invigorating. 10/10 would recommend it. Overall, this update has brought new elements to this game we did not expect. It feels like a totally different game, and we love it.

Odds and Ends

I shared the information here if you want to read about previous updates. The Valheim website also has a complete list of additions and patch notes. Finally, if you want to get in on the action, this title is available on Steam, Microsoft, and the Humble Store.