Valheim quickly became a household staple for my husband and me. After watching Felicia Day playing on Twitch, we knew this would be the game for us. We have over 1,381 hours put into this title, so when the Mistlands playtest was launched, we knew we had to prepare!

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Updates Leading to Mistlands Playtest

Before getting into our preparations, there were a few updates before this playtest. First, we had Hearth & Home. Here we mostly saw changes to the food system, new recipes, combat changes, and build pieces. The changes are noted in the table below.

Food RebalancingFoods / Cooking StationCombatBuild PiecesPlains
Distinction between health and stamina boosting foodsIron cooking station and stone ovenTower shields have higher knockbackDarkwood piecesLox mounts
Timers on food slotsOnionsStagger bar added during combatRaven and wolf decorationsLox saddles
Health-based foods marked by red forkJerky, Soups, Stews, Muckshakes, breads, and piesBlocking power scales with max healthCrystal wallsTar
Stamina-based foods marked by yellow forkNew shields, battleaxe, and knivesCages
Neutral foods marked by white forkQOL items : obliterator, cauldron upgrades, throne, hot tub, cartography table
Additions to Valheim during the Hearth and Home update.

Additionally, we also saw the Frost Caves update. This added danger and intrigue to the Mountain biome. Players saw new creatures, resources, and crafting recipes. The changes are noted in the table below.

CreaturesResourcesCrafting Recipes
BatsFenris claws and hairFenris Armor
UlvUlv trophiesFlesh Rippers
CultistsCultists trophies Standing Brazier
Red JuteRed Jute carpet and curtains
Additions to Valheim during the Frost Caves update.

Thoughts Heading Into the Mistlands

We start a new save file whenever there is a significant update or a while since we last played. In terms of updates or playtests, this is because new areas will not render in a place you have already been. Therefore, it is essential to create a backup save if you are not making a new character. I will add a link below with directions on how to do so.

Coming into the Mistlands playtest, we read no spoilers. At the time of writing this, the playtest has only been open for about a week. Therefore our new characters have not gone to the Mistlands yet. However, there have been a few things we noticed as we have progressed through to the Mountain biome. The fishing system seems to have been revamped! Players can now craft bait and catch a variety of new fish. The only problem is that you cannot pick up fish you drop. This is noted in the images shared above. My husband caught a level four fish but mounted it in a weird spot. Upon unmounting, it is now stuck on our base’s floor. Overall, it is a minor bug and only caused him a tiny bit of disappointment. Overall, we look forward to sharing our journey into the Mistlands with you next week!

Odds and Ends

Andie Boyungs wrote a lovely article about Valheim when it was initially released. IGN also shared a comprehensive guide on backing up your save file. Valheim is available on PC and Xbox.