After 29 years in the sleigh, is Santa seriously considering retirement?

Yep, he’s giving up the red coat and reindeer for something new.


Tim Allen is back but this time with a Santa series on Disney Plus. Released just in time for the holidays, these 6 episodes will make you smile, chuckle, and maybe even question your own holiday cheer.

As Santa chimney hops across the globe…

one night his magic begins to fail. 

After a frightening fall from a roof, the head elf has a serious conversation with Santa about considering retirement. Although he never wants to leave the North Pole, his family feels different. The bottomless hot chocolate and bountiful cheer at the workshop isn’t doing it for them anymore. They long to rejoin society and connect with others, not just elves.

On top of that, the Christmas spirit continues to drop year after year as one-click shopping sweeps the world. Who needs Christmas when Amazon can drop it off on your doorstep daily?

With a bitter hot chocolate taste in his mouth, Santa agrees to begin the search for his successor.

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Some parts of this series sleighed

I enjoyed the playful and silly parts of ‘The Santa Clauses’. Elves made punny jokes, wished for Harry Styles to be the next Santa, and even mentioned NFTs (nutty fudgy teacakes). North pole workers were as enthusiastic as ever with a few songs and choreographed hip-hop dances.

The main characters experience relatable problems throughout the series. Some longed for a different life, were afraid to make friends, or struggled to shine against in the spotlight of a family member. This was definitely a candy cane hook for kids and parents watching from home. 

Overall, I thought the writers of the show contemporized the message well.

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But the series didn’t leave me as Jolly as Old St. Nick

Disney reheats the same plot: Christmas needs to be saved (again) because kids don’t believe in Santa anymore. A predictable story unfolds throughout the episodes that never truly shook up my snow globe. 

Most characters were likable and the special effects were pretty good, but unfortunately, Santa’s beard looked like bad blonde hair extensions. Although the show brought some humor and cute reindeer, it felt like eating a stale ginger bread house. It looks great, it smells good, but doesn’t taste right.


With Tim Allen starring as Santa since ‘94 I had my hopes high for this series.  Let’s cross our fingers for someone to the reins of the sleigh next year and give us something to be jolly about.