In many Asian and African regions, people sleep under a mosquito tent, or moshari to protect themselves from the blood-sucking pests. 

“As the semi-transparent mosquito net would tower over your bed at night, carefully tucked in—you’d feel safe. The moshari made us all feel safe… and not just from mosquitos, but anything else lurking out in the dark.” 

The filmmaker, Nuhash Humayun explains this in his short film, Moshari website. 

Being a horror movie buff, I was intrigued. The 25-minute short shows two sisters trying to survive after vampire-like creatures have attacked the whole world. Or, explained better is the films logline: 

The end of the world forces two sisters together, inside a mosquito net, just to survive—but first they must survive each other.

Moshari logline

The film has been winning accolades throughout worldwide film festivals and is currently a contender for an Oscar. This makes it the first Bangladeshi film ever to qualify for the prestigious award. 

I got to watch it and speak with Humayun. What I liked about the film was that I just wanted more. The little sister is around 10 years old, stubborn, innocent, and a bit annoying. She is constantly calling for her Apu or big sister to do this or that. The older sister has been left with little emotion. She is tough and stern and concentrates on keeping her sister and her alive. 

Humayun explained he was raised by his three sisters and mother. His niece actually plays the little sister in the film. He said people would say how annoying that girl is in the film, which upsets him since it is his niece. But if you are around kids, she was acting just like how a kid would be, and I applaud the authenticity that she brings to the role. 

We spoke about what was the back story. One was growing up with women taking care of everyone. The other was hearing and watching all sorts of vampire stories. In the West, vampires are frightened by the crucifix but growing up in a South Asian, Muslim country, Humayun wondered what would a vampire be afraid of here? The mosquito tent was his answer. 

Then he thought of whenever we see end-of-the-world stories, they usually take place in the west, London, NYC, etc. But what about the smaller, poorer parts of the world? These areas are also often tropical and have these mosquito tents as a common practice to protect the citizens. So he thought, well what if we are all that is left because we had the thing that kept us protected all along? 

Now as a viewer, whenever I get scared, I tend to put my feet up, fearing nonsensically that something will grab my ankles. I found myself doing that while watching this short. You could relate to the siblings annoying each other, trying to figure things out, and rooting for them to survive. In the end, I was left wanting more. The good news is that it might be the case. During our interview, it was released the same day that Jordan Peele and Riz Ahmed will be executive producers for Humayun’s film. So big things are happening for the filmmaker. Keep an eye out, ideally under a transparent tent;)

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