Once again Bob’s Burgers finds itself with a gap episode between their Thanksgiving episode which are always much anticipated and their Christmas episode and “Show Mama from the Grave” does a good job on filling in the gap

What begins with a trip for the Belcher kids and Linda to go snow tubing, or snoobing as they call it, is turned into a visit to cemetery to see Bob’s deceased mother who has been mentioned a couple times in the series, but probably gets the most attention in this episode.

As usual typical Belcher shenanigans ensue and Bob and the kids get lost in the cemetery while Linda is forced to overcome her fear of cemeteries and in the b-story Teddy is left alone in the Belcher apartment to repair some things and accidentally eat their meatloaf.

While maybe not as fun as this year’s thanksgiving episode “Putts-giving” “Show Mama from the grave” is still an enjoyable episode that shows a grieving Bob and Linda facing her fears while also offering some laughs including the ongoing joke of Tina’s snowpants being too small and giving her a wedgie.

“Show mama from the Grave” is a suitable follow-up for this years Thanksgiving episode as well as hopefully a good lead in to the Christmas episode next week.