With the much anticipated Deadpool 2 in middle of filming it’s hard to not to speculate what this could mean to the larger scale Fox/X-Men verse? While the first film was mostly a stand alone film with some Easter eggs here and there the squeal is more than likely to explorer the world Deadpool lives. Why Deadpool 2 may be important for future? Just take a look at CABLE.

Josh Brolin Cable Deadpool


In the comics, Nathan Summers, Scott Summers son from the future is a time travailing mutant who has a strange friendship with Wade Wilson. While the fact of being the son of one of the key leaders of the X-Men isn’t interesting enough and all you may need for the film, there is another interesting element to his character.  Cable is known for time traveling. In the past, Fox has used that story element as a means to fix their film’s continuity as much as they could and a send off for certain characters. The time traveling element of Cable may be Fox’s way of breaking out of “creative handcuffs” caused by previous films. Another thing is that Cable involvement opens the door way for an X-Force film that could take center stage of Fox’s Marvel universe. We knew there was an X-Force film in the works but we all assumed it would be lead by Wade Wilson but now it seems it might be Cable which is more fitting.

Another interesting thing about Cable is what he has on his belt. A small teddy bear. Now while this could be some gag much like Captain Boomerang’s unicorn there might be more to it. There some rumors that it might be a clue to what Deadpool 2 is really about? Could we see the film screen version of Hope Summers? Could we see some form of the Messiah Complex told in this film? Hope Summer is a young mutant who is a messiah of sorts and destined to save or destroy both mutant and human kind. While I do think such a big story would be saved for its own film we could be seeing that start of that in Deadpool 2 along with a fresh film continuity